''Radioactive- It means that the substance is unstable and is giving off invisible particles which are blasting every which way - Some of them hit your DNA and can screw it up - so be careful with it.'' Mr. Firdingski my science teacher said. Love. That's how I, Cadley Watterson describes it. It's exactly what it is. Whenever it happens to me, I'm not careful. That's why last time it completely screwed me up. It shows from the scar that layed on my elbow. 'I will never let it happen again.' I tell myself. But all of that seems to change when pop sensation Eric Blake enrols for Seward High School. He will change my thoughts, ways and mind and break me out of the shell I've been hiding under. Just remember loves not all fun and games. It's radioactive.


1. Just like any typical morning

''Cadley Watterson. The no-for-good, invisible, ugly, freak who walks around SHS with that group of losers.'' I whispered to myself as I looked in the mirror.

''Don't talk like that," my mother says as she puts her hand on my shoulders and looks in the mirror with me. '

'Its true mom!'' I say turning to her. ''Have you seen the people who follow me around?'' I ask.

She laughs. ''Hey. It wasn't my idea to put you in that math club.'' She said putting her hands up as if to surrender.

''Yes it was mom!'' I said. ''Don't you remember? 'Hey Cat. You should join that math club. It would look good on your resume for college!'"I said mocking her voice.

''This is your last year. Just get through it. You have a few months left then your done. Trust me," she says. ''You will never talk to these people again.''

She headed out of my bedroom.

''But mom! Can't I just switch schools or something?!'' I yelled after her.

No answer. I really hated Seward High School.

''You have thirty minutes until your bus gets here! Try to be ready today Cat!'' My mother yells from downstairs as she leaves for work.

''Be late? And miss out on all the people mocking me? No way. Maybe they will have something else to call me other than slut and pig. How could I miss out on that?'' I mumbled to myself.

I walked over to my radio and switched it on. It was playing I Love It. That was one of my favorite songs. I blasted it and hopped in the shower and sang along.'' I don't care, I love it. I don't care, I love it. I don't care. You're on a different road, I'm in the Milky Way You want me down on earth, but I am up in space You're so damn hard to please, we gotta kill this switch You're from the 70's, but I'm a 90's bitch."

When the song ended I heard Radioactive come on. It actually wasn't a terrible song but the person who sang it made me sick to my stomach. I ran out of the shower and shut off my radio.

I did not want to hear Mr. I'm so amazing sing, he's not. He's a jerk who hurt a close friend of mine. He dated my friend Stacy a year back and broke her heart because 'management' said he couldn't date anyone. Stacy moved to London a few months ago and we rarely talk now.

I turned the radio back on about a minute later to see if it was done. It just ended. ''Alright my friends that was Eric Blake with his new pop single Radioactive.'' The announcer said. I continued drying my hair and turned the radio up so I could hear it over the noise.

''We actually have Mr. Blake here in our studio! Eric, what do you think this song is about?'' the announcer announced.

''To me it's how love is. I think anyone can find true love if they get past appearances and look at the heart.'' Eric answered as any pop star would.

''So Eric tell me , you're home schooled right? Does this make it more difficult to find true love?'' the announcer asked.

''Actually Mark," Eric answered, ''I'm actually enrolling in a public school around in California.''

''Oh! How exciting.'' The announcer said in 'awe'.

''Yeah," Eric stated, ''I just hope they can get past the pop star thing and treat me like a normal teenager.''

''In your dreams buddy,'' I mumbled and shut off the radio.

Just then I heard a beep from outside. I ran to my window and saw the bus waiting outside my house.

"Dang it! I always do that!'' I said in frustration and grabbed my bag and headed out.

Start to my normal day right? You don't know how wrong you are.

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