''Radioactive- It means that the substance is unstable and is giving off invisible particles which are blasting every which way - Some of them hit your DNA and can screw it up - so be careful with it.'' Mr. Firdingski my science teacher said. Love. That's how I, Cadley Watterson describes it. It's exactly what it is. Whenever it happens to me, I'm not careful. That's why last time it completely screwed me up. It shows from the scar that layed on my elbow. 'I will never let it happen again.' I tell myself. But all of that seems to change when pop sensation Eric Blake enrols for Seward High School. He will change my thoughts, ways and mind and break me out of the shell I've been hiding under. Just remember loves not all fun and games. It's radioactive.


4. Eric Blake...

''Ah. Mr. Blake is It?'' Mr. Firdinski asked. He nodded. ''Yes. Is this Mr.Firdinski's Science?'' Eric Blake asked. Mr. Firdinski nodded. ''Why don't you take a seat next to....uh....Cadley. in the pink shirt, blonde hair.'' Mr. Firdinski said. Eric smiled brighty and waked over to the seat next to me. Everyone was whispearing. Some about how cute he is and others on how shocked they are that he is in their school. While everyone else is just jelous that he is sitting by me. To be honest, If rather switch spots with someone than sit next to 'the international popstar Eric Blake. He was rude, mean, a jerk, disrespectful and most If all a player. Our class reviewed over radioactivity. Its the unit were working on. I feel a little bad for anyone who is just coming into the unit. There is a lot of material you need to know. ''For review, i know Eric, you wernt here, but i want you to pay attention. Who can tell me the definition of radioactivity?'' Mr. Firdinski asked. Noones hand went up except for Eric's. I knew the answer im just quiet. I dont like to stand out. ''Uh..yes Eric? Do you have a question?'' Mr. Firdinski asked. Eric shook his head. ''No. I know the answer.'' Eric replied. Mr. Firdinski's face scrunched up in confusement. ''Okay...uh...what do you think?'' Mr. Firdinski asked. ''Radioactivity gives of particles that can be harmful.'' Eric replied. Mr. Firdinski nodded in aprovement. "Yes. It means that the substance is unstable and is giving off invisible particles which are blasting every which way - Some of them hit your DNA and can screw it up - so be careful with it.'' Mr. Firdinski added. ''Okay. I want you to find a partner and go over your vocabulary. You are going to need to know it! You already should. Also answer questions 1-10 in your packet.'' Mr. Firdinski said. I always worked alone. Noone ever asked to work with me or would ever want to. I noticed Eric working alone too even though all the girls were dying to work with him. I didn't want to work with him though. I didn't even know him too well anyway. Even though I kept telling myself that, i secretly wanted to work with him too. I caught him glancing over at me a few times and it sent butterflies flapping around like crazy in my stomich. no. no,no,no,no,no,no,no! Stop thinking like that! You don't like him. He hurt your best friend Cadley! STOP! Great. Now im talking to myself. Suddenly i caught myself leaning over to tap his shoulder and ask if he wanted to work together. He looked up and smiled. I saw Maddie Sage, the most popular girl in the school, give me a dirty look. ''Yes?'' Eric asked. '''' I started but was cut off by Maddie.''Hey Eric!'' She yelled. His head shot to her. ''Wanna work with me?'' She asked. He nodded. ''Uh...Sure'' He replied. He turned back to me. ''What did you want to ask?'' He said. I felt my heart fall to my stomich. Why did Maddie always have to be so mean? What did I do to make her hate me so much? I felt the anger build in me like i would burst any second. ''Helooo?'' I heard Eric say whose hand was waving in my face. ''Oh...uh...'' I started. I couldn't ask him to work with me now! ''What did you get for number seven?'' I asked. ''Oh...'' He said as he searched his page. ''B.'' He replied. ''thanks.'' I said and smiled looking away. Oh how i would like to just walk over to Maddie and rip her hair out. Last year I was dating this new kid and she spread lies through the school and he believed them. He broke up with me and she ended up going out with him. If I had it my way she wouldn't be here today. ''Okay students. Get back to your seats. We have a pop quiz!'' Mr. Firdinski said. Everyone in the class moaned in frustrasion. I was pulled out If my thoughts by a tap on my shoulder. ''Can I borrow a pencil?'' Eric asked. ''Uh...sure.'' I said and handed him mine. ''Thanks.'' He said and smiled. Mr. Firdinski handed out the tests. Great. Now I didn't have a pencil. I really need to stop doing that.

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