''Radioactive- It means that the substance is unstable and is giving off invisible particles which are blasting every which way - Some of them hit your DNA and can screw it up - so be careful with it.'' Mr. Firdingski my science teacher said. Love. That's how I, Cadley Watterson describes it. It's exactly what it is. Whenever it happens to me, I'm not careful. That's why last time it completely screwed me up. It shows from the scar that layed on my elbow. 'I will never let it happen again.' I tell myself. But all of that seems to change when pop sensation Eric Blake enrols for Seward High School. He will change my thoughts, ways and mind and break me out of the shell I've been hiding under. Just remember loves not all fun and games. It's radioactive.


3. Class

''Sorry I'm late Mr. Firdingski'' I said as i walked into class. ''Just take a seat Ms. Watterson.''He sighed. I did as told and sat in my seat. I pulled out my science notebook and opened up to a new page. I grabbed my pencil and began to doodle like i always do while Mr. Firdingski talks about things noone cares about. I look through my notebook i still have rom last year. It has Eric Blake + Cadley Waterson with hearts around it doodles all over my notebook. I was a crazy fan when I first found out about him. When he ended up dating my friend who got to hang out with him. He broke up with her just because 'management' told him he had to. Then he lied on national television saying how ''it just didnt work out''. I begin to think about today on the bus and how Eric Blake was enrolling for a high school. Oh how everyone at her cousin's school must be feeling. America's favorite singer enorIing in their school. Emma wants me to go down to her cousin's school later today to see If she can snap a photo. I laugh silently thinking about her rant this morning. Just then I see a stick slap on my desk. ''Ms. Watterson?'' Mr. Firdingski asked. ''Is everything okay?'' I nodded. He smiled. ''See me after class.'' I nodded and shut my notebook. I dozed If at the board and day dreamed for most If the class. Someone poked my shoulder. I look back and see the most popular guy in school Cody Blading. I gaze into his eyes. ''Can I um....borrow a pencil?'' Cody asked. ''Sure.'' I smiled and handed him one. I kinda always start fangirling when I talk to him so I didn't realize I handed him my pencil. I see one on the ground and quickly pick it up and use that to doodle on my notebook. ''Cadley! Pay attention.'' Mr. Firdinski snapped. I spun around and slumped down in my desk. I watch as the door opened. The whole class stops what their doing and stares at the door. In curiosity, so do I. I look up and see a familiar boy. Soon all the memories flood back in my head. The song, the school, Emma. Everything seems to be making more sense now. Eric Blake has enrolled for Seward High School

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