i have loved you forever ! ___COMPLETED___

emily is a 16 year old girl and her dad rapes her hits her and gives her drugs. when the new band one direction comes out she notices a face. Niall Horan he went to school with her and what happends when she runs away from the life she has and goes from London to England where he lives.

well don't just sit there read and find out


17. Who are you

Emily's P.O.V


There was talking , but I could't answer, who am I , and who aRe they , and where am I. My eyes slowly opened because they were heavy , I must have been assleep for days.I sat up as the other people didn't know I was awake , I was in  a little white room, with a white bed . Am I in rehab ? One of the people turned around and saw I was awake and his face lit up.

"Emily?" the man/boy asked , who the hell is he.

"Who are you?" I said peeling his hand off of my hand.

"Mr. Horan , may I talk to you?" A woman asked standing outside the door.

"Yea sure," He walked away nervously.

"Why did he call me Emily?" I said to myself while people weren't looking.


Niall's P.O.V


The woman took me out the room this is going to be bad , really bad .

"What's wrong docter?" I asked practacally biting my nails to the nub.

"Well it seems that Emily has had memory loss, she can't even remember her own name, so its a really bad case, I'm so sorry Mr.Horan," And with that she walked away , she proberly knew the water works where coming on .

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