i have loved you forever ! ___COMPLETED___

emily is a 16 year old girl and her dad rapes her hits her and gives her drugs. when the new band one direction comes out she notices a face. Niall Horan he went to school with her and what happends when she runs away from the life she has and goes from London to England where he lives.

well don't just sit there read and find out


2. the alley


 A  bone, a bone was sticking out of my foot i had to get it in somehow i grabbed my foot and gerked it to the side 

"AAAAAAAAAAAA!" i screamed in pain ,i covered my mouth quickly as i remembered my father was on the lookout for me .


I heard someone walking down the alley . i covered my mouth. bright blue eyes stared down  at me .

"You alright ? i hear you scream ," someone said he had an Irish acsent .

"Who are you?" i asked cautiously just in case it was father putting on an irish tone he can that pull they kind of things.

"Well, well come with me and ill tell you," he said once again.

"Will you hurt me ?"

"Well why would i do that?" 

" I  don't know," he slowly helped me up . i winced in pain as i walked .

 I stopped ."I cant walk it hurts to much,"

he quickly picked me up bridal style .and placed me in his van.


"So who are you?"

"Promise u wont go crazy ,and btw i know u,"

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