i have loved you forever ! ___COMPLETED___

emily is a 16 year old girl and her dad rapes her hits her and gives her drugs. when the new band one direction comes out she notices a face. Niall Horan he went to school with her and what happends when she runs away from the life she has and goes from London to England where he lives.

well don't just sit there read and find out


4. new suroundings


 we soon made it to his fat in London .He helped me out of the car .Then picked me up.

"Remember Harry can be a bit mean sometimes, and he is not in a good mood today,"

"Okay,"i said not wanting to say anymore .

"And remember never bring up spoons in front of Liam  and don't let Zayn climb in high places or let him in water."


we made it to the flat .

"Wowza that's huge" i said shocked .

he stayed silent .


"I'm home!" shouted Niall putting me down on my feet .

it was as if a heard of elaphants were hearding towards us . the only one who wasn't running was Harry .

"Why did u let a crazed fan into our house Niall?" he paused and looked at me " And she isn't even from round this area!"

i took a deep breath" Harry i swear if Niall wasn't standing here i would be .........."i trailed off 

"Geez so who is this Niall?" he asked 

"Harry do u always need to take your moods out on other people ?" 

"Well ....." he trailed off proberly not knowig what to say.


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