i have loved you forever ! ___COMPLETED___

emily is a 16 year old girl and her dad rapes her hits her and gives her drugs. when the new band one direction comes out she notices a face. Niall Horan he went to school with her and what happends when she runs away from the life she has and goes from London to England where he lives.

well don't just sit there read and find out


5. meeting the boys


 "Anyway just ignore them I'm Liam!" he said all excited "This is harry who u have already met ,zayn and ,Louis. " they all waved and said hi . 

" I'm guessing harry is in a bad mood today  Niall said he is always mean when he is in a bad mood, and how is kevin the pigeuin ?" i paused thinking if he was real or not, well all the other boys said he wass real so i am going to keep quiet the now .

"Oh yeah Kevin died last night and now niall is scared of them becuse before it died it pecked his nose then pooped on him " Liam said lauphing " you know we just were kidding on about it ," he whispered 

"REALLY GUYS DID U REALLY NEED TO TELL HER !" shouted Niall .I looked at him and i just lauphed he just gets over worked about everything.

"It's alright i already knew ." i paused " And btw I'm Emily ,"i said to liam louis and zayn oviously ignoring harry .

"Come on em lets show u your room and u will need to share with Harry,"

Harry growled and i huffed.

"I don't want to sleep with u as much as u don't want to sleep with me ,ok,!"i growled back 

Niall gave me some pj's and sent m to Harry's room to get some sleep i jumped into his bed ad started to drift of when i remembered my father had raped me when i was 7 


i was sitting in ma room hapily playing with my dolls when my father came in and started to rape me 

#end of flashback#

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