i have loved you forever ! ___COMPLETED___

emily is a 16 year old girl and her dad rapes her hits her and gives her drugs. when the new band one direction comes out she notices a face. Niall Horan he went to school with her and what happends when she runs away from the life she has and goes from London to England where he lives.

well don't just sit there read and find out


6. i hurt myself.


 Emily's P.O.V.

i woke up paralyzed i quickly ran to the bathroom and found what i needed a sharp razor i quickly ran back out and locked the bedroom door then locked the bathroom door. i started to dig the razor into my skin while the blood came gushing out.There was banging on the door then everything went black i couldn't hear anything or say anything 

"Just let me die!" i screamed in my mind .


Niall's P.O.V.


she wouldn't answer the door.I had to get in somehow .so i kicked the door down it opened and i ran to the bathroom there was blood seeping from under the door, it was locked to .So i gave an other might push and it opened what i saw on the floor was really bad. Emily was lying on the floor and blood was seeping from under her body 

"EMILY!" i shouted as i shacked her . i grabbed Harry's phone and dialled 999 and waited for an ambulance they got here in the matter of second and whisked hr away i was in the van with her. when we got to the hospital all i could do was not worry for her but what if she dies. she had lost a lot of blood

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