I Want Crazy

Two friends
A boy and a girl
Who fall in love
And do something they may regret
Are they ready for it?
Is he her prince?
Is she his princess?
P.S. This is my story and one of my friends like it already but I never gave him a paragraph of it I gave him a few sentences........


3. Chapter 3

I could see tears forming, I could never see him cry like this. He pulled me in to a hug. We went to bed finally after all that drama. I was really tired and cold I had my short shorts and tank top. He wrapped his arms around me, and pulled the covers over top of me. During the night I caught him taking his shirt off. All I did was burry my face in to his chest and I smelled his cologne, that was one of my favorite scents on him again. 
"Mitchell psst..." I whispered. 
"What babe?" He whispered back. 
"I love you." I replied with a kiss.
"Love you too babe."
     The next morning I had my last bowling game of the year, with my bowling team. I got in to the shower. When I was getting dressed in the guest room at Mitchell's house. I looked on my iPhone to see how warm it was outside, it was 95°f out side. He put out a black tank top and white shorts. The shorts went a few inches down from my waist. On the other hand, my tank top wasn't too low so no cleavage showed. After, the games my scores weren't that good at all. I couldn't wait until graduation which is only a week away. My parents bought me an early graduation present. The car they bought me was a brand new Blue Impala. I went home after bowling and went to sleep. Then, my parents decided to get in a fight. So I left for Mitchell's house.
   All I seen were flowers every where. I walked in to his room and called him "Mitchell where are you?" He scared me, by putting his arms around my waist, and kissing my neck. 
"Hey babe I got a question for you?" 
"Ok what is it?" I asked. 
"Tyler said he wanted to move out." 
"Ok and...??"
"He said we can move in with him if you want. And his girl friend is moving in with him too. I guess he said the girls get one and the boys have the other." He said.
"Yeah I will." Thats when he picked me up and spun me around. He had all his stuff packed in 10minutes. 
   When we got to the apartment I put my things on one side of the room, and laid down. Since my bed was set up already Mitchell came in and 'stole' my bed. Tyler decided to wake him up and tell him to go sleep in his room. So he got up and kissed my forehead. I was tossing and turning. All I did was tip toe in to the in the boys room I then tapped his shoulder.
"Whats wrong baby?" He said scooting over. 
"I had a really bad nightmare." I replied. 
"Awww come here." Mitchell said as I laid by his side. His arms were protectively around me. My face was toward his.  

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