I Want Crazy

Two friends
A boy and a girl
Who fall in love
And do something they may regret
Are they ready for it?
Is he her prince?
Is she his princess?
P.S. This is my story and one of my friends like it already but I never gave him a paragraph of it I gave him a few sentences........


2. Chapter 2

  In the morning my mom woke Mitchell and I up. Then, she felt my head and had Mitchell carry me to the car. I was behind the drivers seat, he was behind the passenger seat. My head laid on his lap. 
   When we got to the hospital they rushed me in to the emergency room, before they took me back Mitchell kissed my head, thats all I remember. They wheeled me in to the operating room. The doctors and nurse's had to put me asleep for the operation. After, the surgery my eyes fluttered open, Mitchell, and my mom and dad were all there in the semi bright hospital room. 
"Do you feel better?" Mitchell asked. 
"A little bit, but it hurts." The answer I gave sounded sad. I moved over and expected him to sit by me. My stomach was wrapped in thick gauze. The doctor had to check on me every few hours. Looking over into his ocean blue eyes felt like he and I had something going on. 
"Nicole? Do you love me more than a friend?" Mitchell questioned. 
"Yes." Which was my only reply. He looked at me shocked, made me feel like I gave him the wrong answer. While I was still in the hospital he never went home.
    Mitchell stayed home with me the whole time I was out of school. I returned to school a few days later, my friends bomb barded me with questions. Mitchell had to carry my books to all my classes. I was limited to what I could and couldn't do. Like I couldn't carry my books or drive. We were on our way to the pep-assembly which was the last one of the year or I should say our high school lives. 
    We were sitting on the bleachers then, he was called to go in front of the school and tell the freshman 'how high school will change.'
"Being in high school is great. You'll meet new friends. You shouldn't be afraid to be yourself. But I myself have to ask one special girl some thing. Nicole I know we have been friends forever, so will you be my girl friend?" He asked/ said. I ran up to him and kissed him in front of the whole school and said "yes".   
   He wanted to go shopping with me since I had to get new new clothes. I tried on lots and lots of clothes. He told me what looked good and what didn't look good on me. Luckily I had my credit card that my parents gave to me. I got tired and didn't want to go back to my house so we headed back to his house. We walked up stairs and I put my clothes in his closet. He was laying down so I sat down next to him. Mitchell pulled me close to him and kissed me yet again. All of a sudden he was on top of me. I placed my arms around his neck.
"Mitchell, babe what are you doing?" Which was my questions. 
"Sorry I just wanted to give you a kiss and hold you." I kissed him one more time before I pushed him off of me. He then was on his back but still on the bed. My head was on his chest and my arm over his stomach. His arms were protectively around me. Then, I fell asleep to the sound of his heart beat. Mitchell got up in the middle of the night. Just because his parents were fighting again over the stupidest thing ever. We went out of the room to see what was going on. By the time we reached the kitchen they had stopped the fighting.

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