I Want Crazy

Two friends
A boy and a girl
Who fall in love
And do something they may regret
Are they ready for it?
Is he her prince?
Is she his princess?
P.S. This is my story and one of my friends like it already but I never gave him a paragraph of it I gave him a few sentences........


1. Chapter 1

  That lying back stabbing jerk face broke up with me. I hate his guts, I never want to speak, text, or have any of his friends talk to me for him. My best friend Mitchell found me sitting on the porch crying. Mitchell came and sat by me, he was always there for me no matter what. 
"Whats wrong Nicole?" He asked.
"He broke up with me that lying fudge bag." I replied with tears. He pulled me in to a hug and kissed my forehead. We aren't the normal type of friends. I classify it as a crazy, fun you only live once friendship. 
"Mitchell do you love me more than a friend?"
"I haven't really thought about it." 
"Ok." Was all I could get out of my mouth.
   As we walked in I stared in to his ocean blue eyes. He stared in to mine and kissed me on the lips. All I could do was smile and blush. When he told me I would melt and tingle when, and if I kissed him he was 100% right. I was looking at his facial expression, he looked happy. Hi face came to mine. Then, he kissed me again but that time I knew there was something between us. 
  Then, I started to sing my favorite song 'I Want Crazy' by: Hunter hayes "Bookin' my self a one way flight gotta see the color in your eyes... I don't want easy I want crazy are you with me baby? Lets be crazy... I don't want good or good enough I want cant sleep kind of love... No such thing as wild enough... Who cares if were crazy?" I sang and stumbled over the words. 
"Wow Nicole I knew you could sing, but I didn't know you could sing like that." All I did was smile.
  He grabbed my hands and placed them around his neck, then placed his hands on my waist. All of a sudden he kissed me, then his clumsy self fell over his own feet. Then I realized he was on top of me. My parents weren't usually home and never listened to me. Mitchell was always at my house all the time, when I'm sick, busy, and every thing in between. 
   My parents loved him like he was already a part of the family. Seriously like if he came over, and spent the night he had the guest room, that was exactly across the hall from mine and the bathroom. I think I love him. That night he took me out to dinner, a movie, and then to Dairy Queen. We came back to the house I went up to my room and got changed in to blue short shorts. He went in to the guest room and only had boxers and a white t-shirt on. 
  In the middle of night. Sweat every where I didn't feel good at all my head felt like it was on fire. I got up and took some medicine, and laid back down, not even an hour later, I ran to the bath room and threw up. The door opened again and it was Mitchell. He sat down on the floor next to me. All he did was wrap his strong muscular arms around me and pull me in to his chest. 
"Im right here baby." He whispered in to my ear. I tried to get up but all I did was fall over. He carried me in to 'his room'. Mitchell laid me on one side of the bed, and he laid on the other side. 

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