One Tear Drop, Two Tear Drop

Chloe Jackson is a 15 year old girl is a sophomore in high school. You are kind of a loner. You have a few friends and your favorite thing is reading. There are 4 boys that you hates more than anything. Seniors: Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and most of all Harry Styles. One of there group Liam Payne was always sweet and never bullied you. That bothered his friends. A senior boy and a sophomore girl has to be paired for Math. You will be paired with...


2. Bullied

As you walk through the hallway you see everyone's eyes on you which was unusual. You hear a few whispers. Some people said, "That girl is a bitch. Who wants to be her friend?" They made it sound like an everyday topic. One thing everyone didn't know is that it hurt so bad. It made me second guess how good I was. Then I saw the 4 boys who made my life a living hell. All together in a pack, looking at me like I was crazy. Even Liam was there. He was different. He looked at me with sweet, glistening, lovingly brown eyes. He made me feel good. As I approached the boys Harry knocked all my books out of my hand. I pushed my glasses up on my face. As I shakingly, scramble to pick up my books, I feel a strong force push me into the locker. If anyone wasn't looking before they are now. He picks at your necklace which is half of the ying yang sign. He asks, "Who gave you this?" You softly say, "My dad." He sneers and replies, "And where is this father of yours?" I firmly, sadly say, "He's dead. Can I help you with anything else?" He laughs and says, "This girls parents died! Ha!" One thing you never expected him to do is punch you. At this point you are close to crying. Your cheeks turn bright red. He then adds, "Oh and maybe you should get on a diet." and steals your lunch money. That was the last straw. You hear Liam say, "Harry, leave the poor girl alone." He seems surprised that Liam just stuck up for you and he punches you again. Liam grabs Harry by the sweatshirt and picks him up off the ground and strongly says, "Don't you put your hands on her ever-" and then the teacher walks out and gasps as Liam sets Harry back down.
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