One Tear Drop, Two Tear Drop

Chloe Jackson is a 15 year old girl is a sophomore in high school. You are kind of a loner. You have a few friends and your favorite thing is reading. There are 4 boys that you hates more than anything. Seniors: Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and most of all Harry Styles. One of there group Liam Payne was always sweet and never bullied you. That bothered his friends. A senior boy and a sophomore girl has to be paired for Math. You will be paired with...


1. A Small Sliver of Light

Your dreams were a fantasy. Farther out of reach, than a day without getting made fun of. You knew better than to tell people about your dreams. They contained many wonderful things like happiness, no cuts, having a life without hate. You weren't used to it, and when it happened in your dreams you savored it more than anything. Well, anything other than the dreams about your parents which died in a car accident. The day you found out, is the day your light, airy, and easy world became dull and full of darkness. You never thought you'd see the light ever again. Then you met Liam Payne, a senior at your high school and his group of friends. They were cruel; nevet gave anyone a chance. Except Liam, he was surprisingly different. You couldn't figure out how or why but it was the way it was. Liam thought you were amazing, though he never shared it; nor keep it hidden. It was mysterious but it was a positive in your world of negatives. He saw a small sliver of light in your eye. A chance of hope in your life of becoming happy again. He saw that and he was going to do his best to do that.
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