Summer With 6M

Ok, so you know how when your in school and you make REALLY good friends in a certain class and grade and you wanna hang out with them during the summer? Well that's what this book is about. Its about 6M -6 grade, Mrs. McCartney's class- hangin out during the summer. There's gonna be FUN, drama, FUN, suprises, and MORE FUN! So stay tune and get ready for SUMMER!!!


2. Schools Out!

"Hey Everybody! Elimination truth or dare!" yelled out Jacques,gathering everybody near a couple of desks. " Awesome!" shouted Reese, plopping into a desk next to Brady and Jacques. " Yeah, I love truth or dare" agreed Dean, sitting next to Gina and Gracie. Everybody was sitting in a desk, except for Bridget and Bancroft, who were sitting on the floor space in between the desks, giggling for some unknown reason. " Who's going first?" asked Bailey impatiently. " I will!" shouted out Mason. He scanned the small crowd with a gleam in his eye, and Bridget became immediately scared. His eyes stopped on Bridget as he slowly said " I have a question for you.........JOHNATHAN!" He yelled out the last bit,making Bridget jump, and he started giggling maniacally . " Dare." said Johnathan, interrupting Masons laugh session. " I dare you to....Hmmm....SIT IN NOAH'S LAP FOR THE REST OF THE GAME!" yelled Mason scaring everybody this time. "Fine, Whatever" mumbled Johnathan, walking over to where Noah was sitting. "Weirdo" Johnathan said to Mason.

"Are you enjoying it?"


"Then my job here is done."

Mason stopped talking and gestured for Johnathan to go "Oh, yeah,I forgot.  Let's see, who should I pick...." and the game continued on like this for almost an hour, until every one got bored.  " How about we play Concentration!" said Adaeze. "Sure" Said Bailey. " Why not?' Agreed Gianna, and they all sat down to play the game.


"THIS GAME IS STUPID!" Yelled Reese in frustration,getting out for a third time."It's only stupid because you are" said Gina,quietly. "BURN!" Shouted out Brady. Everybody turned to him. "Really" said Adaezé. "OKAY THEN,let's change the subject!" Interrupted Noah. "Let's talk about what we're doing this summer." Gianna said "WEEEeeeLll......" started Mason, and every one groaned . Suddenly we heard a bell ring, followed by a voice.Everybody Everybody went to their friends as fast as possible.The boys just sat near each other where as the girls started hugging. Everybody heard the voice on the loud speaker again.


"Schools out every one. Enjoy your summer"




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