Summer With 6M

Ok, so you know how when your in school and you make REALLY good friends in a certain class and grade and you wanna hang out with them during the summer? Well that's what this book is about. Its about 6M -6 grade, Mrs. McCartney's class- hangin out during the summer. There's gonna be FUN, drama, FUN, suprises, and MORE FUN! So stay tune and get ready for SUMMER!!!


3. Plans For Summer

"YAAAAYYYY!" Everyone screams out.

We all head outside. "So Guys, what are ya'll doing for the summer?" Adaeze ask.

"Well, i'm just going to be doing summer activities."  Dean says. Then almost everyone says that their doing the same thing. Then there's this awkward silence.

"OMG! I HAVE AN IDEA!" Bridget screams. "Really, Bridget, was the screaming necessary?" Gianna ask. "Yes. Yes, it was." She answers. "Ok." Gianna says. "Anyway, What's your 'idea', Bridget?" Gracie ask.

"Ok, so here's my idea. We should all hang out this summer. Like we hang out the whole summer, us and the boys." She says. "That would be awesome but why are the boys coming?" Bailey ask. "Because everything's better with boys." Bancroft says. "Heck, yea!" Bridget and Bancroft high five each other. "Anyway, how are we going to spend the whole summer together?" Dean ask. "Ok, that part I don't know." Bridget replies.

"I HAVE AN IDEA!" Gina screams. "Again, was that necessary!?" Gianna ask. "Yes! I have a summer beach house, here. Its HUGE! All of us could fit in there. Even the boys." She says. "Awesome!" Adaeze says. "Ok, so whose gonna tell the boys?" Gracie ask. Here's the silence again. "Fine i'll ask them." Gracie says getting up. "We'll go with you right, Adaeze?" Gianna says dragging her over to the boys with Gracie. "I guess so." Adaeze says.



"No, Mason! Your wrong!" Caden yells. "No, Caden your-" Mason gets interrupted by Gianna.

"Boys, SHUT UP!" Gianna yells. They immediately shut up. "Thank you. Now Gracie has something to tell you." She says. "Thank you, Gianna. Ok so Bridget came up with the idea that we should all hangout this summer, if you have nothing else to do." She starts.

Then they start to look confused. "When she says 'we' she mean all the boys and all the girls." Adaeze clears it up for them. "Oohh." They say. "We're all gonna be staying at Gina's Summer beach house." Gracie continues. "The whole summer. So what do you guys say?" Adaeze ask smiling. "Give us a second." Then they all get in a mini circle and start whispering. Adaeze, Gracie and Gianna roll their eyes.


~5 minutes later~

"Hello?" Gianna ask. "Ok, we as a group have decided that sure we go, and hang out with ya'll." Noah says. "Awesome. We'll get back to you in a little while with more info." Gracie says walking away with Adaeze and Gianna.

"So, what did they say?" Bridget ask. "They said yes." Adaeze answers. "Good." Then for the next 10 minutes the girls figure out the info and stuff. "Ok, so we'll met up at Gina's house around 10AM packed, and ready on Monday. Then we'll have 2 party buses. Gina's Mom will drive us and her dad drive the boys. Then we'll spend the whole summer there." Dean says. Then all the girls say, "Yup." "I'll go tell the boys. Bailey, Bridget Your coming." Adaeze says walking back over to the boys with Bailey and Bridget.


~After they told the boys~

"This is gonna be the BEST SUMMER EVER!" Bridget yells.

"Yea it is!" All the girls say in agreement.

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