Summer With 6M

Ok, so you know how when your in school and you make REALLY good friends in a certain class and grade and you wanna hang out with them during the summer? Well that's what this book is about. Its about 6M -6 grade, Mrs. McCartney's class- hangin out during the summer. There's gonna be FUN, drama, FUN, suprises, and MORE FUN! So stay tune and get ready for SUMMER!!!


1. Characters


She's funny, a singer (but only sings in front of certain people) plays guitar, and loves to draw. She mostly draws anime with Bridget. You might think she's shy when you first meet her but once she gets comfortable around you she's....well.... CRAZY! She's one of the most mature people in our class. Her, Gianna and Jacques have been in the same class since 3rd grade. She's had a crush on Brady since the middle of 4th grade but she knows he doesn't like her back.

Appearance: Kinda dark skinned (black). Dark brown eyes. Short dark brown hair with blue and green tips (dyed for the summer). 5'4.



She's Funny, and weird. She plays the drums. She draws anime with Adaeze. Bridget does not like it when people touch her, but she loves getting and giving hugs. She's bipolar. Bridget has mutiple-personalities.  Feliciana: Sweet innocent Italian and dating Doitsu.  Romano: Curses ALOT, Italian and his sister is Feliciana. Doitsu: German killing machine. There's more,  but thats a little bit personal.

Appearance: Medium length auburn hair (dyed for the summer and naturally brown). Brown eyes. 5'7.



She's loud and crazy. She plays the piano/keyboard. Likes to draw every now and then. Has had many crushes that she get over in a few weeks or so. But has a crush right now but won't tell anyone.

Appearance: Dark skinned. Short black hair. Deep brown eyes. 5'2.



Loves to sing. She's one of the people Adaeze sings in front of. She acts, sings, dances and does almost everything. She's loud and crazy but is very mature. Most of her friends are dudes (cuz they don't have as much drama) but she has girl friends.

Appearance: Long brown hair with sea foam green highlights. (dyed for the summer) Brown eyes. 5'2



She's black and proud of it. She's funny and loves to dance. She's been in the same class with Jacques since pre-k and the same class as Adaeze since 3rd grade.

Appearance: Short dark brown hair with light brown highlights (dyed for the summer). Brown eyes. 4'8



She's shy but talks ALOT to her friends. Close friends with Sarah Dean. Very athletic. Sports: Volleyball, Cabbage ball, softball, and basketball.

Appearance: Long brown hair with dark red tips (dyed for the summer) Brown eyes. 4'6


Sarah Dean:

Everyone calls her Dean. She is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She sings and acts with Gracie. Close friends with Gina. 

Appearance: Long brown hair, sometimes looks red (lighter than Gina's). Brown eyes. 4'5


Sarah Bancroft:

Everyone calls her Bancroft. She's funny and always inappropriate with Bridget. Loves to read.

Appearance: Really short brown hair (same color as Dean's). Brown eyes. 4'10



He's funny, cute, athletic, sweet, and nice to all the girls. Best friends with Jacques and Reese. He knows Adaeze likes him but he has a secret. Sports: Basketball, Cabbage ball, and football.

Appearance: Short blonde hair. Blue eyes. An adorable smile. 4'9



He's funny and weird. Loves to play with scissors so everyone has to be very careful around him. He's creepy. Only he can scare Bailey. But overall he's fun to be around. He's athletic. Sports: Football, soccer, basketball and cabbage ball.

Appearance: Tan. Short dirty blonde hair. Green eyes. 4'9


Johnathan (Johny):

He's can be sweet but usually not. Best friends with Noah. He's athletic. Sports: Football, and cabbage ball. Really smart but no where near a nerd.

Appearance: Shot dirty blonde hair. Blue eyes. 5'8



He's very sweet. Best friends with Johnathan (Johny). He's funny. Likes to play sports but isn't on a team.

Appearance: Short brown hair. Blue eyes. 5'8



He's sweet and funny. His dad was marine and died a while ago. He's athletic. Sports: Football, Basketball, and Cabbage ball. Best friends with Ryan.

Appearance: Brown hair- Buzz cut. Brown eyes. 5'6



Can be VERY annoying. Sometimes funny. Athletic. Sports: Football, basketball.

Appearance: Dark skinned. Bald fade- Dark brown hair. Dark brown eyes. 4'7



He's very quiet and only talks a lot to the boys. Best friends with Caden. Athletic. Sports: Football, cabbage ball, and basketball.

Appearance: Short brown hair. Brown eyes. 5'1



He's very funny and sweet. Athletic. Sports: Football, cabbage ball, and basketball. Good friends with Brady and Jacques.

Appearance: Short brown hair. Brown eyes. 5'2


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