Poisoned With Love


7. 7.

Zayn came over. He looked stunning. He greeted my dad with a hand shake. He also brought over brownies for later. My dads favorite. 

"Did you make them?" My dad asked.

"No... I can't cook very well. But I did run down to the bakery at the end of the block. Joanna said you like it there." Zayn said. My dad chuckled. I could tell that he already thought of Zayn as a son.

"You didn't have to but thank you." My dad said. We sat down at the table. It was small chat until dinner ended. Zayn helped clear the table. We sat down. "So Zayn, I hear you want to take my daughter away for 6 months. I will say yes but first how much is it gonna cost?" My dad asked. This was the deal breaker. 

"It's free sir." Zayn said.

"How did you manage that?" My dad asked.

"I told management that if she didn't come I'd walk. I'd quit the band and leave. They can't afford to lose 1/5 of the band that generates about a third of all there earnings. Financially it would probably bankrupt them." Zayn said. I smirked knowing he would up and leave his job, his whole singing career just for me. 

"So you're telling me that you told them that you would drop your whole career just for my daughter?" My dad asked. Zayn simply nodded. I heard the front door open. We all froze.

"BILL! DID YOU KNOW THAT, THAT MALIK BOY IS STAYING WITH THE TOMLINSON'S?" My mom shouted. My dad pointed to the stairs.

"No I didn't dear." My dad called from the kitchen. We were in my room when I heard him and my mum arguing. I was crying cause I was so scared she would realize that he was here. My fear came true when the door burst open. She was standing there, a gun in hand.

"Get out." She spat. I started to sob. He stood in front of me. Shielding me from my mother. I heard my dad on the phone. He sounded frantic. 

"Ma'am please put the gun down." Zayn said calmly.

"Not until you get the fuck out of my house and away from my daughter. A monster like you should not even be allowed to live." She spat. I grew angry. I stepped out from behind him.

"Mum fuck off. I love him for gods sake! He is not a monster if you would get over yourself and open you goddamn eyes you would see that he is what's best for me." I screamed. Zayn stopped me before I could say anything else. 

"Babe I'm leaving. I love you." He said. Tears streaming down his face. I froze I dropped to my knees. He walked out of the house. I went to follow him but my mum pushed me into my room and locked the door. I sat at the window. Bawling my eyes out. I called him.

"Hey." He whispered his voice was hoarse. 

"Hi... why did you leave me?" I asked trying not to break down. 

"I love you.... you know that right. We leave tomorrow. Babe I left because she had a gun. If I left she would leave you alone. Bring only a carry on. We will get clothes there but for now just the essentials." He told me. I nodded. He was looking at me through the window. Louis entered his room. Zayn set his phone down but never hung up. 

"Eh mate she has gone crazy. You have to get Anna out of there. Her father left." I heard Louis say. 

"Okay I'll get her to jump out of her window. Get Paul here quick." Zayn said. He picked up his phone. "Babe I'm coming." He told me. I shoved my phone and I pod with my head phones and chargers into a bag. I put my hair up and quickly changed my clothes. I opened my window and climbed down the slanted part. I was now closer to the ground. Zayn was standing under me. I jumped. I landed in his arms. He never set me down, instead he ran straight to a black SUV. Louis was already inside with another guy. 

"Anna this is Paul our manager and head of security. Paul this is my girlfriend Anna." Zayn said. We exchanged hello's. Paul started to drive. 

"Zayn where to?" Paul asked.

"Liam's" Zayn said. He wrapped his arms around me. 

"So Anna just to warn you, management doesn't like you. Be prepared they are going to throw a lot of shit at you. Me and the rest of security will try to protect you but just remember you have Zayn and that's all that matters." Paul told me. 

"Thanks Paul." I said. He nodded and focused on the road. Louis, Zayn and I were talking and making jokes. I learnt that Louis has a stuffed Pigeon named Kevin. Him and Harry were best mates. and Zayn and Liam were really close. I learnt that Louis had a girlfriend named Eleanor, Liam was dating a girl named Danielle, and Niall and Harry were single. 


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