Poisoned With Love


6. 6.

My parents came and got me and Louis came and picked up Zayn. Louis had set it up so the room Zayn was in was directly across from mine. My mom dropped my dad and I off, she drove off to get groceries. She knew Zayn was right across the way. She told me that if I ever talked to him there would be hell to pay. I walked inside with tears in my eyes. My phone buzzed. I looked at it. 

From Zayn

Hey babe :) I saw you crying what's wrong love :( 

A sob escaped my lips. My dad came in and gave me a hug. 

"What's wrong hun?" He asked me.

" I love him daddy. He is my world." I sobbed. 

"Annie your mum is being unfair. But you still have to listen to her, she is your mum. She might come around." He said with optimism. He was the only who called me Annie it was his little nickname for me. 

"Dad you heard her. She hates him! I love him daddy. He wants me to go with him on tour. She won't let me go. You probably won't let me go." I sobbed. My phone was buzzing with text messages. He sighed and sat down on the chair at my desk. I sat on the window still. 

"Annie, sweety. You're right and wrong. Your mum would never let you go but I am going to let you go. You have known this boy for two weeks and you are crying your wee heart out over him. What he did to his father, I was proud of him. I didn't even know him. I still don't but I would like to. I will talk to Joanna and see if she will invite your mum out for the night. Talk to him and tell him to come over. We will work everything out." He told me. I squealed with happieness and hugged him. He let go and went to call Louis' mum. I looked at my phone. Unread messages from Zayn

From Zayn

Babe I see you crying :'( Please talk to me.

From Zayn

Your scaring me Anna

From Zayn

Plz bby tlk 2 me! 

From Zayn

Anna don't do anything stupid

From Zayn 

I love you Anna, please....

I smiled. He loved me. He cared. I got another text from him. 

From Zayn

I love your smile Look over. 

I did and I saw him sitting in the same position as I was. Tears in his eyes. I called him. 

"Hey babe it's about time." He joked.

"Hi... My dad said yes. He just wants to know you better. Come over for dinner?" I told him. His smile grew. 

"What about your mum?" He asked.

"Joanna has that covered. I have to go." I told him.

"Okay. I love you." He said.

"I love you too Zayn." I told him. We hung up. I saw him fist pump the air. Then start doing a crazy jumping thing. I texted him

To Zayn

I am still here ;)

He checked his phone. He looked up and I giggled giving him a little wave. He went bright red. We both started to laugh. I saw him quickly type on his phone.

From Zayn

I thought you said you had to go... -_- fml

To Zayn

Awe babe... I do I just love watching you.

From Zayn 

#stalker o_O I love you

To Zayn 

Love you too and be here at 7

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