Poisoned With Love


5. 5.

It's been a week since Zayn and I kissed. We got yelled at. Now we weren't allowed to be within arms distance of each other. Of course him being him and me being me we ignored them. At night we would sleep with each other. When no one would be looking we would steal a kiss. The boys and Mitchel have been extremely supportive. Tomorrow would be our last day, our last day of hiding. I laid my head on his hard chest and his arms wrapped around me. 

"Zayn what happens after tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Well... I don't know. I don't want us to end." He said.

"But you have your Take Me Home tour. My parents want me at home. I don't even live in Bradford or London." I said tears starting to build up.

"Then come with me. Come on tour with the boys and I. 6 months." He said. I could hear the desperation in his voice.

"I want to but what about my parents?" I asked him. My voice cracking.

"Run, it's like our own version of Romeo and Juliet. Except we don't die in the end." He joked. I was only 17 and my parents hated Zayn. My dad tolerated him, he only wanted what's best for me. But lets just say my mom had my dad whipped. My mom despised Zayn and everything he ever did for me. Now was the moment. I had to choose between my mom and Zayn. 

"Okay. I might be able to convince my dad. But my mum can never find out." I told him. He held me tighter.

"So where do you live?" He asked.

"Doncaster." I said. 

"Hey that's where Louis is from. I'm staying at his place after this. What's your address?" He asked me. I told him and he started to cry. I looked up. He was smiling. "Your next door." He said. I was on top of the world. I kissed him long and hard. The rooms lights switched off. Soon we were both fast asleep.

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