Poisoned With Love


3. 3.

"Say that again." Zayn challenged.

"Start being a man. Stop being a stupid pussy." His father spat. He struck Zayn. Zayn didn't even flinch. He just started to violently hit his father. Soon both men were beating the shit out of each other. The boys and Mitchel pulled Zayn away while security pulled his father back. Zayn had a split lip, and eyebrow. His nose was bleeding. His face had dark blue and purple bruises all over. His father though had one eye swollen shut, he was spitting out blood. His whole face was bruised.

"IS THAT FUCKING MAN ENOUGH FOR YOU? HUH?" Zayn screamed. His father had finally passed out. He was taken out on a stretcher. Security grabbed Zayn and dragged him back to the room. The boys were stressed. I walked over to my family. 

"Anna.... we are leaving I can have you stay with that thing." My mother said. I was shocked.

"That thing happens to be the only fucking person other than Mitch to live for. If dad was hitting me and I finally started to fight back what would you do?" I asked.

"I would be happy for you." She said I rolled my eyes.

"Hypocrite. Bye dad love you." I said while giving him a hug. I walked over to the boys. Mitch engulfed me in a hug. "Hi guys I'm Anna and this is my bitch Mitch." I said. 

"Ello I'm Harry." One said.

"I'm Louis."

"I'm Niall." 

"And I'm Zayn's closest mate Liam. Could I come with you to check on Zayn?" He asked concern written all over his face. 

"Um... I don't know if your allowed but sure. If anyone asked you are my cousin Hagen Daz from Inuit Canada." I said. Everyone started to laugh. 

"You man just say you are Mitchel West. I live with her." Mitch said. Liam nodded. I said goodbye to everyone. I led Liam to our room. I walked in and Zayn was cuffed to his bed. He had been cleaned up.

"Oi Liam help me outta these." He begged. Liam just sat on my bed laughing as Zayn fought with the cuffs. I let out an exaggerated sigh. They both looked at me. 

"Let me show you how the pro's do it." I said. I pulled two bobby pins out of my hairs. The now loose strands fell in my face. I quickly started at the lock. Within minutes it came free. He cheered but I quickly shushed him. He pulled me into his arms and sat down. We stayed there for about an hour just talking until a lady came in to check on us. Liam got scolded and yelled at. He was so kicked out. The lady locked us back in our room. I got up to go to my bed but Zayn pulled me back down. "Babe please sleep with me." He asked. His voice was hushed and the look in his eyes was so innocent. I smiled and nodded crawling into bed next to him. 

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