Poisoned With Love


16. 16

Jace and Mitchell were both trying to calm me down. I was full of emotions. I was so scarred that he wouldn't make it. The boys burst into the hallway in tears. The swarmed me and hugged me tightly. Niall held on and I sobbed into his chest. The doctor stepped out of surgurey. 

"Miss. Tomlinson?" He called out. I shot up. 

"Yes?" I asked. 

"Um... well the bullet knicked an artery and he lost a large amount of blood. During surgery he flatlined for about a minute. We were able to manage to revive him but I am afraid for now he is in a coma and, if and when he does wake up he might not remeber somethings." The doctor told me. 

"He died...." I said. The doctor nodded. Everything stopped, at once. I watched everything go by in slow motion. The doctor left snapping me into reality. Niall caught me as I fell to my knees sobbing. He helped me to Zayn's room. I sat on the chair in the corner waiting and praying that he would wake up and remember. 


I watched as his chest slowly rose and fell. I closed my eyes for a few seconds. I heard a groan. My eyes snapped open. He woke up slowly but he still did. The boys rushed in. 

"Zayn baby you are alright!" I said grabbing his hand. He pulled it back. The words he said made my heart stop and my world come crashing down on me. 

"Who are you?" 

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