Poisoned With Love


15. 15.

"So you are the famous Zayn Malik... There are girls throwing themselves at your pictures all the time at school." He said. I chuckled. 

"Yeah it can get a little weird sometimes but I still love the fans." I told him. "And don't try to take her away from me... please I've almost lost her a few times." He laughed.

"She hasn't told you?" He asked pointing at a ring on his finger. I chuckled.

"Who is she?" I asked. 

"He... I'm gay. We both just turned 18 and have been together for about 6 years now. We eloped." He told me. My jaw dropped. 

"Wow congrats, so he is the one for you?" I asked. Mitchell seemed to light up at the thought of his husband. He simply nodded in response. The boys had arranged for us to stay with them till we could find another place to live. 

"I'm sure you and him will get along just fine. Plus don't mess with his hair he hates that." He told me. I laughed.

"Don't worry I'm the same way." I told him. We pulled up in front of a white house. It was very modern. I followed Mitchell up the stairs. He unlocked the door and stepped in. His husband walked around the corner.

"Babe, home so soo- oh shit, Mitch I forgot to set up two beds!" He exclaimed.

"No one is fine. Zayn by the way." I said Shifting Anna to one arm. We shook hands.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Jace." He said. 

"As to you, and can I put her in the bedroom she has had a rough few days." I told him. He nodded and I kicked off my shoes and followed me to a spare room. I tucked Anna in. I left the room and shut the door. I met Jace and Mitchell out in the kitchen. They got me a coffee and we started to talk. After a few hours I heard my name. It was soon followed by screaming. I dropped the mug and sprinted to her room. A man had her in his arms. She was struggleing. He dropped her and came up to me. He threw a punch which I dodged. I decked him in the face, he stumbled back. I punched him till he was on the ground. He kicked my legs out from under me and I fell hard on my back. 

Anna's POV

The man climbed on Zayn and hit him. Soon it was reversed. The guy was simi concious and thats when we reconized him. It was one of the guys from new york. Zayn picked the guy up with amazing strenght. He held him against the wall by the throat. 

"If ever fucking come near her again. I will rip your throat out. Understand?" Zayn asked. The guy nodded. Zayn tossed him to the ground. "This is for not learning your lesson." And he stepped on the guys hand breaking it. The guy wailed out in pain. "And this is for doing it in the first place. And he broke the other hand. 

"Holy shit is he dead?" Jace asked. I ran up to him. He stayed silent. I ran to Zayn. He wrapped his arms around me. The silence was inturupted when a loud bang filled the room. Zayn tensed. He looked into my eyes his were filled with hurt. He collapsed on his knees. I looked back and saw the guy with a gun. He shot himself. Jace was freaking out. Mitchell was calm and calling 911. I took off my shirt and pressed it to the hole in Zayns back. I held him. A tear fell out of his eye. "Anna.... I'm scarred." He whispered. I cryed even harder. 

"I know baby I know. I'm right here." I said. He slowly closed his eyes and I was freaking out. The paramedics rushed in and took him away. 

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