Poisoned With Love


13. 13.

I woke up in Louis arms. A doctor came in. Thankfully it was a female.

"Anna, we are going to run a sexual assult kit. We will need to take pictures and take samples. You are allowed someone in there if you want." She told me. 

"Louis where is Zayn?" I asked. 

"I'm right here baby." He said walking into the room. He came over and wrapped his arms around me. I latched onto him. Louis left the room and the doctor prepared the kit. She told me to remove the blanket. She took pictures of of my ankles and wrists first. Then the multiple bruises on my neck and face. Neck was my arms then legs. She asked me to spread them apart and lie back on the table. Zayn gasped. Tears spilled out of his eyes. I was told to stand back up. She took pictures of my chest then back. Lastly my butt. 

"Miss. ?" She asked.

"Tomlinson... Anna Tomlinson." I said. Louis told me that his mum and dad both wanted me to be part of the family so I accepted. 

"Miss Tomlinson, I have finished with the pictures. Now I am going to take swabs for any fluids in your lower region. Also I will scrape under your nails as well." She told me. I laid down, she took the samples that she needed. She left and a nurse came back in with a set of clothes. 

"A boy out there claiming to be your brother wanted me to give you these and wants to know if he can come in." She said. Zayn grabbed the clothes and I nodded. I slipped on the sweats and t-shirt. Louis walked in. Both boys sat on the bed surrounding me. The doctor walked back in with a folder.

"Miss Tomlinson, If you would like I can explain what damage was exactly done." She said I nodded.

"First the was severe bruising to you inner thighs. Some of them also have seemed to bleed. Next was the damage to you vagina. The seemed to be some tearing and major bruising as well tearing and bruising to your anal region." She told me. Next she wanted to know everything that I remembered. I told her and by the end we were set to go back to London. The boys and surprisingly management thought that it would be a smart idea to postpone the tour. I was very distant and wary of people at this point. Zayn went to hold me but I moved away. I felt so... useless, weak, vulnerable. I am ashamed that I ever let it happen. I got out of the hospital and we all were instantly surrounded by paparazzi I heard my name being called out and hateful things being said. I got into the front seat and a tear slid down my cheek. I quickly brushed it away. We had a short drive to the air port where our plane was waiting. I got out of the car and walked up the steps. Once inside I walked over to a sofa chair. The boys followed in. Compared to Harry, Liam and Niall, Louis and Zayn looked like shit. They had dark circles under their eyes and their hair was a mess. Their clothing was disheveled and out of place. The sat in the living room area and I got up and walked to one of the beds. I sat down and stared at the window. About a hour into the flight the door opened and Niall stepped in. He sat next to me. 

"I'm not going to ask if you are okay because I know you are not." He said. "Bells you can't blame yourself. Don't feel week because of it, feel stronger because you survived it. Bells, Zayn is freaking out. He won't talk to us, he won't look at us. All he does is stare at that bloody door. It's like how he was before he met you. Bells you don't have to talk to him or any of us but you can't shut us out. We are family, let us help you." He said. I just stayed there frozen. He sighed. I watched him walk out.  I locked the door and dug out Zayn's bag. I changed into a pair of his sweats and his navy blue jumper. I crawled into bed and slept.

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