Poisoned With Love


12. 12.

I woke up on a hard surface. At first I thought that I fell off the bed in my sleep, but I couldn't move my hands and legs. I looked around the dim lighted room and I realized I was kidnapped. I started to struggle. I felt the rope start to dig into my flesh. I screamed and thrashed. 

"Stop moving you are only making things worse." A male voice echoed in the room.

"What do you want?" I sobbed. 

"Isn't it obvious? Your boyfriend and brother are some of the richest people in Europe. They give me what I want and I give them you. Anyway, seems its about time your boy at the room. Maybe you should give him a call." He said. The lights flicked on and a man in his late 40's stepped into view. He had a knife and my phone. He dialed Zayn and put it on speaker. After one ring Zayn picked up.

"Babe where are you I'm freaking out?" Zayn asked frantic. 

"Zayn, baby, I'm scared. I'm so sorry, he has a knife and says if you don't leave $1 million in a duffel bag underneath a park bench in Central park, he.... he will keep me." I sobbed. 

"Anna? Anna? It's gonna be okay." Zayn said. The phone was pulled away. 

"If you call the cops I will slit her throat. Trust me when I say I'm watching." The man said. 

"If you fucking touch her I will break every bone in your body." Zayn spat. The man hung up and left me in the room alone. I started to cry. I started to struggle more and eventually got a hand out. I wasted no time and freed my other hand and legs. I ran to the door and opened it. I ran down the hallway and up the stairs. I made it to the front door when I was pulled back. "Going somewhere?" The man asked. I screamed and kicked. He tossed me to the ground. He loomed above me. I went to get up but was violently kicked down. He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me down the stairs. This time to a different room. He threw me onto the bed. I started to fight again. He punched me in the face and I was out like a light.


I woke up feeling sore and hurt. I pulled at my new restraints which were metal. Only one hand was locked. I seemed to feel the harsh fabric of the mattress and realized that I was naked. I started to sob. I brought my knee's to my chest and crawled into the corner of the bed. I was sobbing. I looked around the room and saw my phone on the night stand. I called Zayn.

"Anna?" He asked, his voice cracking and hoarse.

"Zayn.... where are you? I'm scared." I cried. 

"Babe I already gave him the money where are you?" He asked. I started to cry.

"He's not gonna give me back. Zayn go to the cops please. I need you." I said.

"Anna are you hurt?" He asked his voice firm. I stayed silent. "Babe did he hurt you?" 

"y-y-yes..... I tried to run but he knocked me out and no I have no clothes...... Zayn what did he do?" I cried. I heard him start to sob. The sound of a door unlocking caused me to hang up. The man stepped in with a menacing look on his face. He handed me a piece of paper. It was an address. He told me to text it to Zayn. 

"Now before here I'm going to have some more fun." He said. He grabbed me and I started fight back again. He held me down and did what he wanted. I eventually gave up because I would never be able to win. As he got off of me the door burst open and Louis was standing there with a base ball bat. He swung the bat and hit the man across the face knocking him out. Louis ran over to me and held me. I was limp, I was too weak to do anything. An officer came in with bolt cutters and now I was free. Lou covered me in a blanket and walked me upstairs. He carried me out of the house. I let my eyes adjust to the bright lights. Louis crossed the crime scene tape line and walked over to the ambulance. He got in and set me down on a stretcher. He gently stroked my hair.

"Where's Zayn?" I whispered. He sighed.

"He is at the hospital..... There were two guys and one picked a fight with Zayn he needs a few stitches. He will meet us there sweety." Louis said. A paramedic stepped in. I flinched away from him. 

"Hun I'm not going to hurt you, I'm just going to give you something for the pain ok?" He asked. I froze he went to grab my arm but I moved away. I shook my head tears streaming down my face. He sighed then stepped out trading places with the female driver. Louis sat up on the stretcher with me. 

"Anna I'm just going to put this needle in ok? It will hurt a little but the pain will go away in a few seconds." She told me. 

"All of it?" I asked. She nodded then injected me. I winced a little then everything felt fine. I suddenly felt tired and closed my eyes.

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