Poisoned With Love


11. 11.

NYC. The big apple. The place to be. Zayn and I spent last night together in silence just enjoying each others company. I rested my head on his warm chest. He woke up. 

"Morning babe." He whispered. 

"Morning." I replied. 

"We have rehearsals today what do you want to do?" He asked. 

"Umm I'd like to stay here then after could we do something?" I told him.

"I'd love too. Want to go shopping?" He asked.

"Yes." I said as if it was obvious. He chuckled before getting up. I watched him take off his shirt and pants. "You know I think you should call in sick." I said, sending him a wink. I got up and traced my nails down the muscles that defined his back. He froze. I snaked my small arms around his waist. Kissing his back. I kissed across his shoulder to his neck. I let mi breath run across his ear. "I want you." I whispered. 

"Babe....." He said trying to focus. He knew he needed to go and I did too. He turned around in my arms. I felt his hardened dick press against me. I ground my hips into his. He let out a strangled groan. "You're not being fair." He growled. 

"Life isn't fair babe." I told him. I completely broke contact. I knew this would only aggravate him. He threw me onto the bed and climbed on me. "Such a fucking tease." He mumbled into my neck. He sucked and bit at the skin. He slid his hands under my shirt and took it off. I moved my hands around his torso slowly inching my way closer to the band. I flipped us over and took off his Calvin Klein briefs. He erection flipped up and slapped his stomach. Before anything got more serious. Someone knocked on the door and my phone rang. I slid on his shirt quickly and he put on his jeans. He looked really pissed off which was really funny. He opened the door and Louis stepped in. He was white.

"Answer it." He said. I did. 

"Hello?" I asked. I heard a sigh on the other end.

"Annie..." My dad said from the other end.

"Dad! Hey ho-" I start but he cut me off.

"Hi sweety I have to tell you something...... I'm not you biological father....." He said. My jaw dropped and I seemed to collapse on the bed.  

"Who is?..." I asked.

"Mr. Austin...... Louis is your half brother." He said.

"No.... No..... Your my dad, I don't have any siblings!" I said as I started to cry.

"Yes you do. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you earlier. Goodbye Annie." He said. 

"Dad? Dad? DAD?" I called but all that answered me was the dial tone. I dropped the phone. "Daddy...." I sobbed quietly. Zayn pulled me onto his lap. I continued to cry. 

"Anna.... can I talk to you?" Louis asked. 

"Are you really my brother?" I asked. Louis sighed.

"Yes... Not my step dad my biological father.... I'm so sorry." He said.

"It's not your fault.... You guys have rehearsal..... I just need some time to think." I said. Louis nodded and walked out. Zayn got dressed quickly. 

"Babe if you need anything... at all call me." He said. I gave him a quick kiss as he left. I walked over to my bed and crashed down. Sleep quickly taking me over.

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