Poisoned With Love


10. 10.

"How ya feeling?" Niall asked handing me a cup of tea. I shrugged. I hadn't spoken to Zayn in 2 days. In fact I haven't talked to anyone except for Niall. 

"Ni...." I whispered.

"Yes?" He inquired sitting next to me. 

"I want to do it. He makes me want to do it again. He fixed me  then broke me again." I whispered. Niall's face went hard. A knock came at the door. He simply ignored it. But it was probably one of the boys. I spoke up. 

"It's open." I called across the room. The one person I never wanted to see again walked in. "he-" He started but Niall cut him off.

"Get out." He spat. Zayn was shocked. "I said get out Zayn." He repeated. 

"Niall mate.... please I ju-" Niall cut him off again. This time he was more angry. 

"HAVEN'T YOU DONE ENOUGH!" Niall's voice boomed. "You made her want to cut again. You did. I thing you should leave." Niall put emphasis on the you's. Zayn made eye contact with me but I broke it. Zayn stepped in further. Niall went to yell at him but he stopped him. 

"Shut up Niall!" Zayn yelled. He walked up beside the bed and knelt on the ground next to me. "Babe please tell me he's lying." He whispered. 

"I wish I could but that would be lying, oh wait why not you are very familiar with it." I said coldly. 

"I never lied to you. Not once." He said. 

"Yes you did." I spat.

"No each time I told you I love you I meant it. Each time I told you I want to marry you I meant it. I never had sex with Perrie. We never went public and management forced me to spend time with her for publicity. I love you with all my heart Anna. The past two days have killed me, knowing that you were in the room next to me crying over me hurt. It hurts me to know that I hurt you. I broke my promise to never hurt you. Baby I hate myself for that." He told me. Tears streaming down his face. 

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked.

"Because if I did you would have wanted to go public. I didn't want to. Not because I don't love you but because I do. I wanted to have you all to myself. If we would have gone public girls would hate you, guys would know how beautiful you are. I was afraid that another guy would take you away from me, I need you. Please..... I know you must still hate me, but all I ask is for another chance." He told me. Niall came back into the room. 

"Ann he is telling the truth I called Perrie and she told me that management wanted her and Zayn together again for publicity. She also told me that he would never shut up about you." Niall said.  I looked at Zayn who had a pleading look in his eyes. I threw myself on him and pressed my lips to his. He quickly responded by kissing me back. Everything was perfect once again. 

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