Scott's New Love

This is Teen Wolf fanfiction- When season 2 ended Scott and Allison broke up, but what if Scott found a new girl, and almost forgot about Allison completely. Get ready for heartbrake, violence and jealousy in this fanfic.


12. Missing pt. 2

Alia's P.O.V:

All I remember was I was walking home the Scott's house and after I blacked out. Right now I was tied up in chains in a dark room. It looked like rundown house there were vines growing everywhere and there was a flight of broken stairs. I looked out the window to see a bunch of trees. 

"So there's a new wolf in Beacon Hills" a guy said

I didn't answer I gave him a death glare. I finally spoke "Who are you."H

"That doesn't matter." he said smiling

"DERRICK!!!" that voice was familiar. 

"Scott!" I screamed. All of a sudden an arrow burst through the window and shot Derek I guess that's his name. 

"Good shot." I heard Allison say, did she bring another hunter?

After that things went black again.

Ayanna's P.O.V:

Scott kicked Derrick's ass it was actually pretty funny. When rescued Alia she was unconscious. We took her to the hospital. Dad was there to. He had A LOT of questions. 

"Well she was walking home and she was hit with a baseball hard like she got a bruise it was disgusting." I said. Worst lie EVER. But are dad is kinda oblivious and gulable so it was pretty beliavable to him. 

A little later dad left and it was just us. I was resting my head on Stiles shoulder with his arm wrapped around me. I really loved him.

Scott's P.O.V: According to the doctor she was in a coma...she wake up any minute or...never wake up.

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