Scott's New Love

This is Teen Wolf fanfiction- When season 2 ended Scott and Allison broke up, but what if Scott found a new girl, and almost forgot about Allison completely. Get ready for heartbrake, violence and jealousy in this fanfic.


20. Making Up

Ayanna's Outfit:

Scott's P.O.V

 I need to fix this. I need to fix this right now. I don't even remember doing anything with Lydia...wolfsbane. I remember at her party she drugged us with wolfsbane. I picked up Stiles and we went to Alia and Ayanna's house. I knocked on the door.

"Stiles I know its you for the thousandth time NO!" I heard Ayanna scream. Stiles looked upset.

"Actually its Scott.'' I said.

Ayanna's P.O.V:

What did Scott want? Probably Alia.

"Coming!" I screamed going to the door.

''What do you need Scott...and Stiles.'' I rolled my eyes. "Scott if you're trying to help Stiles no."

''Actually I need you're help. Do you know where Alia is?" he asked he looked really worried.

"No. And why should I help you, you're the one who broke her heart." I said crossing my arms

''Look I don't remember doing anything with Lydia. But can you just help us find her?"

I sighed "Fine. Where are we going first?"

"To school." The car ride was terrible. None of us talked, and every once in awhile Stiles would look at me. I wasn't that harsh on him right? We walked in and Scott led us to a door.

''There may be some clues in there.'' Scott said

''In the janitor closet?'' I looked at him then at Stiles

''Can you guys just look please?'' I could tell he was serious unless he's that good of an actor. Stiles and I walked into the closet, bad choice. The door suddenly closed and looked. Stiles and I quickly exchanged looks.

''Scott let us out!" I said banging on the door.

''No. I'm not gonna deal with you deal with you to fighting I'm going to find Alia myself. When I find her we'll let you out.'' Really?!

"What if you don't find her?" I screamed. Stiles wasn't saying anything.

"I will, just make up already."

Alia's P.O.V-

 Alia's Outfit

I just finished training with Derek and Isaac when the last person I wanted to see came in.

Scott's P.O.V- I decided to go to Derek's to see if he can help. When I got to Derek's I saw Alia walk in.

"Why are you here?" I asked

"Because I'm in Derek's pack now."

I could'nt believe she's in Derek's pack. I mean the dude put her in a coma. HE ALMOST KILLED HER!!!!!!!!! Then I saw Isaac walk in to the room.

"You knew about this?"

"Scott you broke her heart."

"No I did'nt. Lydia Lied!"

"I don't believe you." How could she not believe me. I always told her the truth.

"Lydia does do that a lot."

"I don't think It's Lydia who's doing that."

Ayanna's P.O.V-

"Ayanna she kissed me!"

"I don't believe you!"

He's Lying I knew he had a crush on Lydia. I mean how could he do that to me. Then I remembered that they said that Lydia is sometimes controlled by a guy named Peter.

"Ayanna I love you and I'll always love you!"

"Just kiss me already."

After that I pulled him in close and we kissed.

Alia's P.O.V-

A few seconds after Scott said it probably was'nt Lydia a guy came in.

"You're right Scott it was'nt Lydia."

"Who are you?"

"Peter." So that's the guy Scott talked about.

"Why did you?" Isaac asked

"Because Derek need more pack members, and I knew Alia would come to a place Scott wou;d never expect her to be after the Lydia thing."

That Jerk! After he said that I ran up to Scott and kissed him.



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