Scott's New Love

This is Teen Wolf fanfiction- When season 2 ended Scott and Allison broke up, but what if Scott found a new girl, and almost forgot about Allison completely. Get ready for heartbrake, violence and jealousy in this fanfic.


10. Hunting

Alia's P.O.V.

All of us went over Lydia's she agreed that i could stay there...but only for a week after that I'm staying with Scott. Of course we had to lie to his mom but she agreed to. I could tell Allison was uncomfortable with me but hey SHE dumped him...and i was totally head over heels for Scott. I knew Ayanna felt the same way about Stiles even if she didn't say it. We still don't know what we're going to say to dad. I think he knows Scott's a wolf, we think Allison's dad may have told him after that afternoon. My dad thinks Lydia and I are working on a project but I can't think of an excuse for Scott. I feel so weird around my dad. 

Ayanna's P.O.V

Allison told me that dad ask Mr.Argent which one of us would make a good hunter...and Allison said me. Ever since she told me that I've been thinking of actually becoming one. But I couldn't betray Alia like that. But... it wouldn't hurt to learn how to use a crossbow. I decided to text Allison about meeting me in the woods.

To Allison: Meet me in the woods bring two crossbows :) -Ayanna

To Ayanna: Okay...see u there I guess.

*In the woods*

"So why am I meeting you here...with crossbows?"

"I wanna learn how to use one" I said putting my hands on my hips.

"You know I said that to your dad to protect Alia right..."

"Yeah but it never hurts to learn how to protect myself with all this "fun" stuff going on right?"

"You really remind me of Stiles but I suppose you're right. Here" She said handing me an bow and a ton of arrows. "You can keep it"


"No problem. Start meeting me here every Friday at eight."

"Okay thanks so much Allison."

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