Scott's New Love

This is Teen Wolf fanfiction- When season 2 ended Scott and Allison broke up, but what if Scott found a new girl, and almost forgot about Allison completely. Get ready for heartbrake, violence and jealousy in this fanfic.


7. Date Night part 1

Ayanna's P.O.V

(Ayanna's Outfit:

       After the whole Allison shooting Alia and Stiles and I trying to find Scott and Alia thing Stiles asked me out to see the internship.

      *At school*

      After my last class Stiles took me to the movies. 

       "This is a nice jeep."

       "Yeah. Thanks. It's a '76 C-"

        "76 CJ5. I know I used to have one back in our old town." 


Stiles P.O.V

      Ayanna is so cool. I think may starting to have feelings for her. But I know she doesn't have feelings for me she just likes me as a friend.

"So what town do you guys come from." I asked her

"A small and very weird town...its Lake Loyalton.

"Can't get much weirder than Beacon Hills."

Ayanna's P.O.V.

      "What do you mean?"

Everyone kept talking about animals and dad gave us a cerfew he never did that...this town is starting to seem a little odd.

"We're here." 

After the movies I stayed at Stiles house and we played video games for till 10. After that we just talked. I ended leaving at about 12.

 "Thanks Stiles tonight was sweet."  I said goodbye and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Yeah see ya Monday" he said smiling and blushing.

"Love ya" I thought. I think...I know I have a crush on Stiles.

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