I Knew You Were Trouble

Ella Thorpe and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they had been born. Ella's Mum and Dad work on tours so when she was 16 she moved in with Louis' family whilst her parents and sister travelled on the road. When Louis brings the rest of One Direction home after their time on The X Factor, Ella and Harry develop a crush for one another. Louis notices this and tries to prevent it from happening as he knows Harry's womanizing ways. Will Louis support them when Harry and Ella make it official?
Credit for the cover: Alex Taylor


45. Truth Or Dare

Louis' P.O.V
"Zayn, truth or dare?" I started, looking directly at him.
"Truth," Zayn grinned.
"Who would you rather have sex with, Ella or Danielle?" I asked.
"Gimme a shot," Zayn sighed.
"Nope, you have to answer this one," I smirked.
The way we played it is like this: If you don't do the truth or dare you get given, you have to have a shot of vodka. But it's pretty hard to do it tonight as we're not allowed to get drunk because Ella would kill us.
"I dunno. Ella?" The way he said it was as if it was a question.
Niall whistled and Zayn glared at him.
"Louis, truth or dare?" Niall asked.
"Dare," I answered.
"I dare you to put on a ballerina costume," He grinned
"I don't have one, though," I stalled.
"Good thing I asked Ella for one earlier then, wasn't it?" He smirked.
I took it and walked to the door. I'm so getting back to Niall for this! When I walked out, the boys held back their laughter and told me how beautiful I looked.
"Shut up," I snapped.
"Niall, truth or dare?" Zayn looked at him.
"Truth," Niall smiled slightly.
"Who would you snog out of Harry and Liam?" Zayn smirked.
"Give me a shot," Niall mumbled.
"Nope, if you don't answer you have to remove one item of clothing," Zayn teased.
"I hate you, Zayn," Niall mumbled, taking off his shirt.
"Niall, truth or dare?" I questioned and he groaned.
"Stop picking on me!" He moaned, "Dare."
"I dare you to let me and Zayn give you a spray tan," I smirked.
Zayn went to find some spray tan whilst I cut out the letters to spell 'I'm stupid'. When Zayn came back, I stuck the letters in order on Niall's back. Then we sprayed his back, making him look like an oompa loompa. I took off the letters and threw them in the bin.
Me and Zayn laughed at what we'd done and Niall gave us a death glare.
"Louis, truth or dare?" Zayn asked me.
"Dare," I grinned.
"I dare you to throw a cold bucket of water over Liam and Danielle," He smirked.
"Okay, are you coming to watch?" I questioned.
I filled a massive bucket of wtaer up and hurried up the stairs silently. Liam and Danielle were sleeping peacefully so I jusat threw the bucket over them and ran out of the door.
"Boys, who did that?" Liam looked angry. He was soaked in water and was only wearing his boxers so he was slightly shivering.
"It was me but I only did it for a dare," I guiltily admitted.
"Well next time you give out a dare, don't involve us," Liam stomped up the stairs and we all burst out laughing.
"Zayn, truth or dare?" Niall asked him, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth.
"Dare," Zayn replied.
"I dare you to let me give you a makeover," Niall smirked.
"Let me help!" I begged and Niall nodded.
"Get it over with," Zayn grumbled.
Once me and Niall had finished with Zayn, he looked an absulote mess! We did a few more rounds before we moved on to a game of Snog, Marry, Avoid.
"Niall, snog, marry, avoid: Demi Lovato, Amy Green and Nikki Reed," I grinned.
"Who's Nikki Reed?" He questioned.
"Rosalie from Twilight," I explained.
"Avoid: Nikki Reed, marry: Demi Lovato and snog: Amy Green," He answered and me and Zayn wolf whistled.
We continued the game for hours until Ella came down.


Ella's P.O.V
I woke up in the middle of the night feeling horrible. I went into the toilet and, great. T.O.M's (Time Of Month) come for a visit. A very inconvienent visit.
I quickly cleaned myself up and changed the shorts that I was wearing, throwing the other pair straight in the bin.
Once I was done, I walked downstairs to get a drink. Louis, Niall and Zayn were sitting on the lounge floor looking stupid! Louis was wearing a pink ballerina costume, Zayn had make up all of his face and Niall was bright orange and had 'I'm stupid' on his back where they left him white.
"Boys, what did you do?" I mumbled, clutching my belly.
"Happy birthday!" They all yelled.
"Shh, it's not my birthday yet," I groaned.
Louis ran to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water and two paracetamol tablets.
"Yes, it is. It's past midnight," Zayn pointed out.
"Not to me, it isn't," I whispered, "I feel like crap, so I'm going to bed. You should, too."
I ran up the stairs and back into the room. As soon as I climbed into bed, Harry snuggled into me.
"Happy birthday, beautiful," He whispered.
"Thanks, Haz," I replied, pecking him on the lips.
"Ella, there's blood everywhere," He chuckled.
"I'll clean it up," I sighed.
"No, I'll do it. You go downstairs and I'll sort it out," Harry smiled, pushing me out the door.
I sat down on the couch, watching the boys' game of Truth or Dare. In fact, they'd just changed it into dares 'cause everyone was picking truth.
"I thought you went back to bed," Louis whispered in my ear.
"I did, but Harry had to clean the sheets..." I answered.
He nodded, understanding what I meant, and went back to the game. A couple of minutes later, Harry walked through the door and we went back to bed.
I climbed into the bed and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.


Author's Message:

I won't be able to update until tomorrow 'cause I've got my family coming over as my birthday's tomorrow but my dad will be at work so we had to do it today.

Hope you liked the chapters. I got a bit stuck with the Truth Or Dare so I just did loads of random things!!

               - Hazzaismybaby

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