I Knew You Were Trouble

Ella Thorpe and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they had been born. Ella's Mum and Dad work on tours so when she was 16 she moved in with Louis' family whilst her parents and sister travelled on the road. When Louis brings the rest of One Direction home after their time on The X Factor, Ella and Harry develop a crush for one another. Louis notices this and tries to prevent it from happening as he knows Harry's womanizing ways. Will Louis support them when Harry and Ella make it official?
Credit for the cover: Alex Taylor


69. Part 3 - Paris

Harry's P.O.V

"Baby, wake up, we're here," I cooed as I shook Ella gently.

She blinked her eyes a few times before staring intently at me and standing up. Grabbing our carry-ons the two of us exited the airplane and collected our luggage. I'd arranged for a taxi to pick us up and we walked over to the sign that read 'Styles'.

I gave the driver directions and he started the car. When we arrived at the cosy-looking villa, I paid the driver and both of us walked through the front door.

"Let's go out tonight," Ella blurted.

"Where to?" I asked.

"Eiffel Tower," She answered.

"How did I know you were going to say that?" I teased.

"Shut up," She rolled her eyes playfully, "I'm gonna unpack."

I followed her up the stairs and we both began to unpack everything. Once we were finished, it was still only about three o'clock so we did a twitcam for the fans.

"Hey, guys," I began.


Ella's P.O.V

Whilst Harry did a twitcam, I decided to get ready. I walked into the bathroom and turned Ella Henderson 'Five Tattoos' on. Climbing into the shower, I began to slightly mumble the words.

Tight jeans with a rip on the knee

So close but it ain't where I wanna be

And I'm loving every minute of your company

But have I read this all wrong?

Maybe I move too fast

Or maybe I missed the sign

But, baby, this could last

You are the one thing on my mind

You are my one and only

My blue skies and grey

You are the only one for me

Brown eyes with your old woolly hat

Five tattoos from your shoulder to you hands

You could give me what I have never had

Boy, keep leading me on

But maybe I move to fast

Or maybe I missed the sign

But, baby, this could last

You are the one thing on my mind...

When the song ended, I hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my head. Slipping into my dressing gown, I walked back into the room and to where the wardrobe was. I pulled out a strapless black and pink dress and laid it down on the bed.

"Baby, what time are we going out?" Harry asked from his position on the bed.

"Whenever, really," I shrugged, "An hour?"

"I gotta go, Niall's doing a twitcam later, though," Harry told the fans before ending the twitcam.

He walked up behind me and placed his hands on my waist, pulling me into him. I giggled as he left a trail of feather kisses down my collar bone to my neck.

"Haz," I moaned as he sucked at my sweet spot.

"What?" He grinned innocently, pulling away and walking over to the other side of the room.

"Such a tease," I glared at him.

I pulled my dress on and moved over to the vanity table. Pulling out my Bobbi Brown set, I quickly applied my make up. Then I pinned my hair into a complicated braid before pulling out my black clutch.

I put my new phone, some lipstick and money in before asking Harry to put the necklace on me. Stepping into my black Jeffery Campbell's, I turned to Harry to see he was lying on the bed in his boxers.

"Babe, get ready," I frowned.

"Alright, alright," He chuckled.

I grabbed my leather jacket and slung it over my arm for the time being then sat on the bed, waiting for Harry to get ready. When he was dressed, he walked over to me and sat down.

I ruffled my hands through Harry's hair and put some hairspray on it.

"Let's go," I smiled.

He entwined our fingers as we left the villa. I locked up and slipped the keys into my bag. Harry dragged me in the direction of the Eiffel Tower and it took us about ten minutes.

"It's nice when it's just us," I smiled.

"Yeah," He agreed, "We should do it more often."

"It's almost impossible for us, though. There's always something that ruins it," I sighed.

My phone went off in my pocket.

"See," I smirked, answering my phone.

"Are you with Harry?" Louis asked.

"No, I'm with Zayn," I spoke sarcastically, "And hello to you, too."

"Whatever, can you put him on the phone?"

"Sure," I answered, passing the phone to Harry.

He put it on loudspeaker.

"Harry, we're going for a lads night out the day you come home, you up for it?" Louis questioned.

"Umm, let me think about it," Harry replied.

I rolled my eyes as Harry ended the call.

"You're so boring, just go out for once," I took my phone from Harry's hands.

"But I'd rather stay home with you," He argued.

"Just go out. It's one night and you could at least try to have some fun."

"I dunno," He shrugged.

"I give up," I teased.

We walked over to the entrance for the Eiffel Tower and up the first flight of stairs.

"Can't we take the lift?" Harry moaned.

"No, they make me claustrophobic and I want to enjoy the view," I began, "I can meet you at the top if you want?"

He shook his head in defeat and I laughed.

"Anyway, long walks and stuff are good for the baby," I smirked.

When we reached the top, our surroundings were deserted.

"I'm surprised no ones here."

"I asked if they could close it for a couple of hours for us," He grinned at me.

"It's beautiful," I whispered, looking out over the lights.

"Just like you," Harry spoke and I could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

"It's perfect, thank you, Haz," I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck.

Our lips meeted in a gentle kiss and he lifted me up, causing me to squeal. He laughed into the kiss and I pulled away. After about an hour of talking and admiring the view, me and Harry walked back down and took some pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower.

We walked home, grabbing Starbucks on the way home.

"I'm so tired," I whined as I unlocked the door.

"The quicker you get up the stairs, the quicker you can sleep," Harry teased.

"Whatever," I groaned.

Finally reached the bedroom, I walked through the door and collapsed onto the bed. I quickly changed into some shorts and a crop top before laying back down and closing my eyes.

I heard Harry enter the room and the space next to me sunk down.

"Goodnight," I mumbled.

"Night," He replied.

I heard him go on to twitter then I fell asleep.


When I awoke the next morning, Harry wasn't next to me. I grabbed his phone and looked through all the pictures from last night. Smiling, I walked down the stairs to see Harry was cooking breakfast.

I sat down at the island bar and checked my phone quickly. Seeing that I had missed calls from both my mum and Sam, I decided to ring my mum.

"Hello?" I spoke down the phone.

"Ella, why haven't you been answering your phone?" My mum sounded annoyed.

"Sorry, I was asleep, I've literally only just woken up," I tried to soothe her.

"Your aunt and uncle have some news for you," She told me.

"Okay, well, can it wait? I'm sort of on holiday right now, Mum," I laughed.

"You're still helping your sister babysit Elisca when you get home, aren't you?" She asked.

"So that's what she wanted me to hewlp her with," I stupidly realised, "Yeah, I guess I am then."

"When are you coming home again?" She quizzed.

"Sunday, I have to go, Mum. I'll see you soon," I explained.

"Okay, hun, have a nice time," She ended the call.

"Who was that?" Harry raised his eyebrows.

"It was Louis, 'cause I totally call him mum, don't I?" I teased.

"Shut up," He rolled his eyes.

"Let's go to the beach today," I blurted.

"Okay," He agreed.

He passed me a plate of food and I took it, thanking him. I didn't realise how hungry I was until I began to eat. My plate was empty in aboout five minutes.

"Slow down, you'll give youself indigestion," He warned.

"Too late now," I smirked.

I stood up from the table and walked back upstairs. I got changed into a bikini, some purple and pink shorts and a pink and black strapless top. My feet were slipped into a pair of sandals and I began packing a bag.

I threw in the Twilight book that I was reading along with my phone and a towel. Spritzing on some Cher Lloyd perfume, I placed my sunglasses on my face and pinned my hair back.

Taking my time, I added some eye make up before walking back down the stairs.

"Ready?" I asked Harry.

He nodded and I grabbed the keys as we walked through the door. After I'd locked up, Harry asked for directions to the beach and we were on our way.

When we arrived, I grabbed a sun bed and watched as Harry walked over to play beach volleyball with a group of people. Laughing, I slipped out of my shorts and top before laying back on the lounger.

I focused on my book but when I looked back at Harry, the book was soon forgotten.

His hair was everywhere and it was the most hilarious sight ever. I snapped some pictures and posted them on twitter. As he looked over at me with a smile, I took one last picture before returing the gesture.


After a couple of hours at the beach, we went back to the villa and quickly got changed before leaving again to do some shopping. The bad side of shopping with Harry was that, whatever you wanted, he'd buy it for you, no matter the cost.

"How do I look?" I pouted my lips jokingly.

"A picture," Harry grinned.

I rolled my eyes and walked back into the changing rooms, taking the gorgeous blue dress and black sandals off. As I walked over to the till to pay, Harry followed and paid the lady before I had a chance to.

"Harry, stop paying for everything," I whined.

"I can't promise that, I'm afraid," He smirked.

"And stop quoting the Inbetweeners," I sighed.

He grinned playfully at me and dragged me and my bags out of the store. We stopped in a little French cafe for lunch. French food wasn't really to my taste so I ordered chips instead. Harry loved all the little dishes and all that stuff and it was quite amusing to watch.

Once we'd finished eating, Harry led the way back home and we watched a film for a little while. Half way through, he told me that he had to go and run some errands so I let him go.

A couple minutes later, my phone went off in my pocket.


SexyH: Wear the dress and shoes that you brought earlier, I'll come and collect you in a couple of hours xxx

Me: Where are you taking me, Haz ? Xxx

SexyH: It's a secret ;) xxx


Sighing, I walked up the stairs and changed into the dress and shoes. I applied some make up, put my Harry necklace on before walking back down the stairs and resumed the film.

There was a knock at the door and I grabbed my phone and went to answer it.

"You look beautiful, baby girl," He grinned as I opened the door.

"Thanks, you don't look to bad yourself," I laughed, pecking him on the lips quickly.

He led me outside and we walked a for a bit before stopping at a little park nearby. We walked over to a blanket and picnic basket in the middle of the grass.

"Harry, I..." I gasped, taking in the view.

He chuckled and guided the way over to the blanket.


The rest of the holiday went by quickly. On our last night, we went back to the Eiffel Tower after a long day of walking around the city. Me and Harry both agreed that this has been the most magical holiday we've ever been on. Neither of us could wait to go on a holiday again, just the two of us.

Harry and the boys were going out in an hour or so; they'd managed to talk him into it. Me, Perrie and Danielle were laid out on the floor, a cover sprawled over us with The X Factor on the TV.

"Girls, where are you?" Laura shouted as she entered the front door.

"In here," I called out, hearing the stomp of her boots on the mat.

She walked through the door and sat cross-legged next to me on the floor. She threw me a tub of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream.

"Mhm, thanks," I mumbled.

She passed the other girls theirs' before giving each of us a spoon. I ate my ice cream slowly, keeping my eyes on the screen. After hearing the sound of loud voices and laughter enter the room, Perrie paused the programme.

Harry sat down on the sofa above my head and pulled me in between his legs. I kissed the inside of his jean-covered thigh. He snickered and fiddled with my hair in his fingers. Leaning my head up, I let Harry press his lips to mine in a soft kiss.

"Boys, let's go," Niall walked into the room.

"Be quiet," Laura scolded.

He rolled his eyes.

"What's up with them?" I mouthed to Harry.

"The usual," He whispered in my ear.

I sighed and kissed Harry before he stood up and followed Niall out of the door. The others were close behind.


Harry's P.O.V

When we arrived at the club me and Niall left the others and walked over to the bar.

"What's the news for you and Laura?" I asked, ordering my drink.

"Same old," He shrugged, "She's always moody and complaining all the time."

"Have you ever thought that she's on her period?" I laughed.

"But I never see E-"

"That's because she's been surrounded by boys all her life. You just have to be nice to her and be really careful as to not get on their bad side."

"Well, well, well, what a surprise to see you here," A familiar voice spoke from behind me.

"What are you doing here?" I spat, twisting in my seat.

"Talking to you, what does it look like?" Hunter smirked.

"Just leave."

"Ya, know, I was just thinking about the two sisters that I can have when I want and how I want. How I've got them wrapped round my little finger and they'd do anything for me," He continued.

I threw a punch at him.


Ella's P.O.V

The boys had been gone for half an hour and we were watching the news.

"Breaking news, Harry Styles, member of the famous boyband One Direction has been caught up in a bar fight. His 'opponent' Hunter James has been badly injured but the worse has come out on Styles. Niall Horan has claimed to have watched the before-conversation and that James was being personal. Both boys were rushed off to the hospital with the other One Direction boys alongside Styles."

I stood up in a hurry. I threw on my Superdry coat and black Converse. The other girls looked at me but I just ran out the door. They joined me in the car and I drove off to the local hospital.

"Styles," I panted.

"Sorry, dear, your appointment isn't for another week," The lady at the desk smiled.

"No, not the pregnancy, my boyfriend's here," I explained.

"Oh, yes, of course," She gave me a sympathetic glance, "Room 201, second floor."

I ran to the second floor, not caring about the people who wee sending me weird looks. I skidded to a halt when Zayn, Liam and Louis came into sight. After seeing my own, they tried putting smiles on their faces as if everything was fine.

I made my way over to the door and looked behind me to see everyone looking at me. I sighed and pushed the door to Harry's open. Niall and Harry turned to look at me and Harry motioned for him to leave.

When he did, I moved over to where Harry was laying.

"Harry," I gasped, taking in his swollen hand and bruised chest.

"I'm fine," He sighed, trying to pull me closer.

"No, you're not," I argued.

"Baby, I'm fine, just come here," He outstretched his arms and I caught one of them in my hands.

"See, you've got bruises and cuts all up both of your arms and-"

"I'm waiting," He teased.

I shook my head and pulled the sheet off his body. His knee had a large cut across it and saw glass marks. The blood was still seething through the skin. My mouth fell open in horror and my face turned back to Harry's.

"Did he-?" I asked.

"It's doesn't matter, I just need a hug and I'll feel much better," He grinned.

I gave in and sat down next to him, lifting the covers back over us.

"You still haven't answered my question," I spoke as he wrapped his arms around me.

"Yes, he smashed a bottle on my knee."

"All I asked to know, babe. Go to sleep," I told him, satisfied.

"Don't leave," He whined as I squirmed in his arms.

"Haz, I need to speak to my m-"

"It can wait, you're not really gonna leave me on my own, are you?" He pouted.

"Fine," I watched him smirk as I laid back into his arms.


A throat was cleared from behind me but I just ignored it and pretended I was still asleep.

"When can I go home?" Harry moaned.

"They don't really want to let you out until the end of the week," Zayn told him.

"No, I'm going home today," Harry complained.

"Whatever you say, Haz," I heard the sarcasm in Zayn's voice.

"Please?" Harry asked.

"I'll go and see what they say."

After hearing the door open and close, I fluttered my eyes open and rested them on Harry.

"I have to go ring my mum, I'll be back in like ten minutes," I told him, standing up before he could protest.

I walked out of the room and looked around the hallway. I clicked on 'Mum' and she picked up immediately.

"Why is it that whenever I ring you you're always busy?" She muttered down the phone.

"Hello to you, too, Mum," I spoke with a sarcastic tone, "And Harry's in the hospital so I needed to be with him."

"That's actually what I was ringing about, his mum rang earlier and she left about an hour ago," She explained.

"Ok, thanks, Mum, gotta go bye," I hung up the phone.

I ruffled my hair in my fingers and sat down on Louis' lap.

"God, you're squishing me!" He groaned.

"Nah, I'm just Ella," I smirked.

He slapped me playfully.

"Well that totally hurt," I rolled my eyes.

Niall being Niall, burst out laughing

"What's so funny?" Zayn walked over to us after speaking to reception.

"I don't really know, it's just normal Niall really," I shrugged.

Once again, Niall started laughing just as Liam walked over.

"What the hell are you laughing about?" He asked Niall.

He titled his head in my direction.

"What?" I frowned, "I didn't do anything."

My phone buzzed in my pocket.


SexyH: Where r u and r u with Zayn?xxx

Me: Outside, and yes xxx

SexyH: Come here and bring him with you :) xx

Me: Okayyy xxx

Me: Oh, and your mum is coming down to see you xxx

SexyH: K, baby xxx


I clicked on Zayn's number and moved my fingers across the screen.


Me: Haz wants us x

Z: What for?x

Me: idk, u coming ? X

Z: Yea x


I stood up, walking into Harry's room. Zayn waited a couple of minutes before getting up and following me in. When I walked through the door Harry beckoned for me to come over and sit with him.

I obliged just before Zayn walked in.

"Zayn, when can I get out of here?" He whined.

"They said they'll let you out today, as long as you stay in bed," Zayn replied, "I already signed the papers."

Harry groaned at the thought of not being able to do anything.

"What time?" He asked.

"Anytime from now," Zayn smiled.

"Let's go."

"Take it easy, Harry. You'll have to walk on crutches for a while," Zayn warned.

Harry let out another groan but reluctantly took the crutches that Zayn held out for him.

"I'll go ring Paul. Get dressed," I told them before leaving the room.


The next day, Harry had to stay in bed and was very annoyed because of it. Me, Perrie and El decided to have a girls day in whilst Zayn and Niall tried to cheer Harry up.

"What first?" I asked.

"Let's give each other makeover's!" El suggested.

"No, 'cause we all end up looking awful," Perrie objected.

"I mean proper makeovers with nice make up and clothes and stuff," El explained.

"I want McDonalds first," I jumped up and grabbed my keys.

"Boys, we're getting McDonalds, you want anything?" I called up the stairs.

"No, thanks," Zayn shouted back down.

The girls and I walked out of the door and climbed into the car. I started the car and droved down to the closest McDonalds. When we got to the drive-thru I ordered for me and the girls and then went to the next windows to pay and collect the food and drinks.

After we'd got everything, we drove the rest of the journey home, eating our food.

We walked through the front door and sat on the sofa, turning on the first Twilight movie. About halfway through, we stopped it and ran upstairs to get everything. The boys were in Niall's room so we were able to go in our three.

Each of us grabbed a handful of clothes from our wardrobes, all of our beauty/hair products as well as some jewellery. Then we ran down stairs and threw everything on the rug in the middle of the floor.

"Ella, you're going first," Perrie spoke quickly.

"Why me?" I groaned, grabbing a chair and sitting down.

"Because I have an idea," She winked.

She moved so she was standing behind my chair and grabbed a hairbrush and some other hair stuff. El walked over and picked out some clothes and shoes for me to put on.

Once they'd done my hair and make up, I changed into a pink dress, sleeveless denim jacket and some strappy platform heels. They painted my nails before sliding tons of bracelets onto my arms.

Taylor Swift's 'Enchanted Wonderstruck' was sprayed all over me.

"You have a surprise, we'll be back in a minute," Perrie shared a glance with El and smiled at me.

I sat back down on the chair and gasped as a little huskie ran into the room and onto my lap.

"Aren't you beautiful?" I grinned, stroking it's head softly.

"He's all yours," Harry's familiar raspy voice spoke from across the room.

"Serious?" I asked.


"Harry, you didn-"

"I know, I know, but I wanted to."

"Thanks," I tucked my new puppy under my arm and reached over to give Harry a one-arm hug.

"Thought of a name?"


"Trust you to pick that name," He laughed.

"Shut up," I rolled my eyes, "Why aren't you resting anyway?"

"Well, I came down to see you," He shrugged, wincing at the slight pain in his knee.

"I'll get the boys and they can help you up the stairs," I began to lead him over to the foot of the stairs.

"I can walk up the stairs, ya know?" He protested.

"Whatever, go on then, walk up the stairs," I shrugged but I knew that I would give in. So did he.

The minute his eyes squeezed shut, I kicked the heels off my feet and walked up the stairs so I was stood next to him. Tucking his crutched under my arm, I guided him up the stairs. When we reached the top, I passed him the crutches and he 'walked' over to where the boys were.


"Right, what are we doing now?" I asked, my legs propped up on the sofa and Demon in my lap.

"Dinner," El explained.

I nodded and shifted my body.

"Hatchi," Perrie called up the stairs.

I laughed as the little Pomeranian bounded into the room and twirled round Perrie's feet. I stood up and placed Demon on the floor.

I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a dog treat from the kitchen. Walking back over, I placed my palm flat out at Demon's feet. He took the treat without hesitation and I quickly ran him up the stairs.

"Boys, we're going out," I told the three of them and Demon ran into the room and jumped on the bed next to Harry.

"Have fun," Zayn smiled.

I closed the door and ran back down the stairs.

"Where first?" I spoke as I reached the bottom.

"Dog groomers," Perrie answered.

"Then to the walkway along the beach," El finished.

"Let's go then," I smiled.

A lead was clipped on to Hatchi's collar and we were out the door. We dropped him off at the dog groomers for a cut and then made our way to the beach walk way.

We picked up some chips and a coke from a food truck before walking along the path.

"So, when are you going back to college then, El?" I asked her, placing a chip in my mouth.

"I was supposed to go back on the 4th but I'm going back on the Monday coming up instead."


On our way home, we collected Hatchi and then continued our journey. It was silent when we walked through the door. I walked over to the kitchen and there was a note.



Harry insisted that we went out with the boys and he's in your room. Tell Perrie to come and meet us at Funky Buddah. Oh and Louis said can you tell El to meet him at the local café.

Hope you have an nice night,

Zayn and Niall x'


"Girls," I called.

"Perrie, meet the boys at Funky Buddah and El, Louis wants you to meet him at the little café around the corner," I told them, "I'm going upstairs, have a good time."

I walked up the stairs and into mine and Harry's room. Demon ran over to me as soon as I was in sight.

I lifted him into my arms and walked over to Harry on the bed.

"I'm getting in the bath, you coming?" I turned to Harry and saw he was asleep.

I giggled and tucked Demon into the crook of Harry's arm. I watched as he relaxed into his chest and licked his face.

"Ugh," Harry groaned, fluttering his eyes open.

"Sorry, babe, didn't realise he'd do that," I laughed.

He nodded and I walked into the bathroom. Running the water and sticking the plug in, I poured in some bath salts before going back into the other room.

I grabbed a bralette, some tight shorts and clean underwear.

"I'm getting in the bath, you coming?" I repeated.

This time, he nodded. I grabbed my phone and scrolled through my twitter feed. I checked the bath and saw that it was almost full to the brim. I turned the tap off and stripped down, climbing in.

"Haz!" I shouted.

He walked in and joined me in the bath. I leaned back on his chest and lifted my head up to kiss him. Our lips moulded together and his arms wrapped around my stomach.


"I can't go out," I finalised.

"Ella, you look fine it doesn't even show. Let's go," Harry re-assured me.

"Are you blind? It's clearly there," I raised my voice, gesturing to my bump.

"Calm down, we can fix it," He threw me one of his tops and a pair of my shorts.

"I can't wear this, Har-"

"Why not?" He asked.

I sighed and pulled my shorts over my tights, slipping the dress over my head.

We were going out for dinner with the others but none of it was going according to plan. Everything was a disaster; I had a massive headache, nothing fits and my stomach kills. Emily has been a very happy baby lately...

"Better?" Harry raised his eyebrows.

I sighed and nodded just as Danielle walked through the door.

"What's taking so long?" She asked.

"Stress-head over here's moaning about everything," Harry teased.

"Not in the mood, Haz," I mumbled, following Danielle out of the room.

We met up with the others and walked outside, climbing into cars. Harry drove with me next to him and Danielle and Liam behind us. Niall and Laura were in their car and Zayn, Perrie, Louis and El were in Louis'.

We pulled up at Nando's and walked inside. After ordering our food, we all fell into conversations and the rest of the night was perfect.


"I love it when you sing to me," Ella smiled.

"What song this time?" I asked.

"Whatever," She shrugged.

"Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain."

I began, turning the light off.

"Leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days."

I walked over to where she was laying on the bed.

"She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones,

It seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone."

I climbed under the sheets and pulled her closer, now whispering in her ear and rubbing circles on her stomach with my thumb.

"And I'll be gone, gone tonight
The ground beneath my feet is open wide
The way that I've been holding on too tight
With nothing in between
The story of my life
I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm
And time is frozen
The story of my life
I give her hope
I spend her love
Until she's broken inside
The story of my life
Written on these walls are the colours that I can't change
Leave my heart open but it stays right here in its cage
I know that in the morning now I see us in the light upon a hill
Although I am broken, my heart is untamed, still
And I'll be gone, gone tonight
The fire beneath my feet is burning bright
The way that I've been holding on so tight
With nothing in between
The story of my life
I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm
And time is frozen
The story of my life
I give her hope
I spend her love
Until she's broken inside
The story of my life
And I'll be waiting for this time to come around
But baby running after you is like chasing the clouds
The story of my life
I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm
And time is frozen
The story of my life
I give her hope
I spend her love
Until she's broken inside
The story of my life
The story of my life
The story of my life
The story of my life"

By the time I was finished, Ella was fast asleep. I placed a lingering kiss on her forehead before closing my own eyes and drifting off.


Author's Message:

This is the last chapter! The chapter after this will be about my next movella. I've decided to delete all my other ones and focus on this one and my next one. I hope you liked the last chapter and I'm sorry it took so long.

- Hazzasimybaby

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