I Knew You Were Trouble

Ella Thorpe and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they had been born. Ella's Mum and Dad work on tours so when she was 16 she moved in with Louis' family whilst her parents and sister travelled on the road. When Louis brings the rest of One Direction home after their time on The X Factor, Ella and Harry develop a crush for one another. Louis notices this and tries to prevent it from happening as he knows Harry's womanizing ways. Will Louis support them when Harry and Ella make it official?
Credit for the cover: Alex Taylor


2. Gotta Be You

Ella's P.O.V

I was just adding the final adjustments to my outfit when a blonde-haired boy walked into my room. As I turned around his chin almost touched the ground (joke!) My hair was in its natural waves and was left down accompanied with a large, neon-pink bow. The dress I was wearing was the same colour and it was thigh-length. I looked a bit taller than I actually am with my five inch black platform heels. Making my eyes stand out, I had on a thick layer of black liquid eyeliner, fake eyelashes and black eyeshadow. As well as that, I had on a bright pink lipstick that Louis'd got me on eyear for my birthday.

Why was I trying so hard? I liked Harry, of course. I wanted to get to know him but win him over at the same time.

"What's up?" I asked the blondie.

"Nothing, I was just curious to see how you looked in person." He blushed.

"Hi, my name's Ella." I smiled.

"I'm Niall. Louis talks about you all the time. Me and the boys can hardly get a word in edgeways!" He laughed.

I joined his laughter. His laugh was so cute.

"I've heard." I replied.

"You look nice." He smiled.

"Thanks, you too." It was my turn to blush and I took in what he was wearing.

His black suit and white shirt really did look nice. I looked at Niall again and found myself picturing Harry's head replacing his. What was happening to me?

"Awwh, did Nialler make you blush?" He asked sniggering.

"You did, too!" I exclaimed as my face turned a shade I never even knew possible.

There was a long silence until another boy walked into the room. He looked up from his phone and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets. I hope my look had the same impact on Harry.

"Hi, I'm Zayn." He managed to get out. "You're Ella, right?"

"Yep, that's me." I confirmed.

"From what I've heard, you and Lou are pretty close." He grinned, having caught his breath back by now.

"Yeah, we're best friends and we've know each other since birth." I felt the corners of my mouth move into a smile, thinking of the times we'd had.

"I heard about you breaking the front door down." He laughed.

That gave me a flashback.


"Felicite, Lottie!" Me and Louis screamed through the door.

"How do you know our names?!" I heard Felicite screech.

What was she talking about? I'd known her ever since she was born (10 years ago) and she didn't even know what I sounded like! I'd recognize her voice from miles away. She didn't even recognize her own brother's name!

I heard the phone make a noise. They were ringing Johanna! this can't be good.

"We'll have to kick the door down, Elz." Lou told me, his voice hoarse from all the shouting.

"One, two, three!" The door flung off it's hinges the very second Johanna's car pulled onto the drive.

She glared at me and Lou. Uh, oh.

"What are you two doing?!" She yelled.

"Well, Ella doesn't have a key and Lottie stole mine but we needed to get in the house. The girls wouldn't open the door so we kicked it down." Louis explained, oh so casually.


I was brought back to the real world when Louis screamed in my ear.

"What are you doing?" I moaned at him.

"You were daydreaming and El's here." He smirked.

It wasn't until then that I saw that everyone was in the room. El, Harry (yay!), Louis, Niall, Zayn and I boy who I think is called Liam, was standing in front of me.

"El!" I ran over to her and gave her a big hug, which must've looked very clumsy in the shoes I was wearing. She was wearing the exact same dress as me but instead of pink, hers was black.

"Snap!" She laughed and I joined in.

"I hate to burst your bubble, but we gotta go now," Louis sassed

"Pushy!" Me and El both shouted and then laughed in unison.

"I swear you girls are joint at the hip." Louis laughed, smiling to himself.


Harry's P.O.V

I walked into the room and Ella was standing in the middle of the room, facing Niall and Zayn. Boy, did she look hot!

Her was in what looked like her natural waves and was loose with a large, neon-pink bow at the front. She was wearing  dress the same shade of pink and it was thigh-length. Black platform heels really tied her look together and she looked amazing! Just as I was about to take a look at her face, I noticed she was staring into space. I know we've only just met but I feel like she's got something special about her and it's drawing me in. I just needed to find out what that something special was.

I heard Louis scream and looked up to find Ella looking at him the same way as me. In confusion.

"What are you doing?" She yelled.

"You were daydreaming and El's here." He smirked, pointing in her direction.

Ella looked around and she smiled at me. I was entranced but somehow managed to smile back.

She ran over to Eleanor and they hugged each other.

"Snap!" Eleanor yelled and I realised they were matching dresses, just Ella was wearing a pink one and Eleanor was wearing a black one.

They both started laughing.

"I hate to burst your bubble, but we gotta go now." Louis instructed.

"Pushy!" Ella and Eleanor shouted at the same time and then laughed.

"I swear you girls are joint at the hip," Louis laughed.

"Guys, come on. It's time to go." Johanna called up the stairs.

"Coming, Mum." Louis answered.


Louis' P.O.V

I held out both my arms for the girls. I noticed Harry staring at Ella earlier. She's like my sister and I'm not gonna let him take her away from me. Ella grabbed my right arm and El my left. I smirked at Harry but I doubt he even noticed. I'm having a word with him, he needs to back off.

"Guys, come on. It's time to go." Mum shouted up the stairs.

"Coming, Mum." I answered.

I walked down the stairs with my two girls still clinging on to my arms.

"Lou, I need to go back up to my room and get something. I'll be down in a bit, yeah?" She whispered in my ear.

"I'll come with you, I need to talk to you." I replied before turning to El, "I need to talk to Ella. I'll be down in a minute."

I then proceeded to climbing the stairs.

He held out his arms and Ella grabbed one and Eleanor the other.


Authors Message:

So, what do you think Ella and Louis are going to talk about? I've already got the next chapter written down so it'll be up soon. Another thing, if you're wondering why some people say El and some say Eleanor. The answer is: Harry doesn't know her that much so he says her proper name. Johanna is an adult and that's why she calls her Eleanor. Ella and Louis know her very well so they call her El (her nickname).

I just wanted to let you know about a competition I'm doing. I thought that you might like to have the chance to be in this Movella. You'll be dating Niall and all you need to do is Mumble me or put in the comments, the answers to these questions:


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