I Knew You Were Trouble

Ella Thorpe and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they had been born. Ella's Mum and Dad work on tours so when she was 16 she moved in with Louis' family whilst her parents and sister travelled on the road. When Louis brings the rest of One Direction home after their time on The X Factor, Ella and Harry develop a crush for one another. Louis notices this and tries to prevent it from happening as he knows Harry's womanizing ways. Will Louis support them when Harry and Ella make it official?
Credit for the cover: Alex Taylor


65. Australia! Part 2

Ella's P.O.V

"What did you do?" I shouted.

I looked behind him and saw Harry wiping away the blood that covered his nose.

"Get out!" I yelled.

He left the room and I walked over to the sink, grabbing a cloth and wetting it with water.

"Let me help," I sighed, dabbing at the blood with the wet cloth.

Once I was done, Harry looked at me.

"Where did you go last night?" He asked.

"More importantly, where did YOU go last night?" I grabbed a bar of chocolate.

"I was planning something for tonight," He shrugged.

"What about tonight?" I questioned, "I thought you had a concert."

"Nope, you'll find out soon," He winked, "So, where did you go?"

"I spent the night in Louis room."

"Why?" He frowned.

"Because- it's stupid. I was wrong, I guess," I answered.

"You can tell me," He whispered in my ear, causing a shiver to run down my spine.

As I was about to make a quick retort, Harry's phone buzzed.

I pulled it out to see what it read.

'Meet us Nando's - Liam and Danielle'.

"Come on then," He grabbed my hand.

"I need to get changed," I told him.

He nodded and watched me get changed. I put another pair of shorts on and a cream-coloured, lacy belly top. I stepped into my black Jeffry Campbell shoes and laced them up.

"We might as well walk, it's only down the road," Harry smiled, taking my hand in his.

"But these shoes start to kill me when I walk too far," I pouted.

"Take a spare pair of shoes then," He smiled.

"I'll just have to endure it," I sighed.

He chuckled at me and bent down. Smirking, I climbed onto his back. He carried me to the door of Nando's and then I climbed onto his back.

"What took you two so long then?" Liam looked at us as we walked over to him and Danielle.

"We had to walk," I shrugged.

"No, I had to carry you," He corrected.

Liam and Danielle laughed and we took a seat next to them.

"Harry, what happened to your nose?" Liam asked, seeing the blue mark that was slowly turning purple.

"Dunno. Louis got mad for some reason," He replied.

"He got the wrong end of the stick," I explained.


After lunch, me and Danielle decided to sunbathe around the pool back at the hotel. The boys tried to get us in the water with them but we just ignored their pleads.

I heard an annoying giggle and opened my eyes to see Laura staring at Harry's V-line. Honestly, that girl was starting to piss me off. She's only using Niall to try and get Harry to dump me and be with her instead.

Harry, on the other hand, tries to ignore her at all times. I don't understand what Niall saw in her in the first place.

"Dan, what time are we going out tomorrow night?" I asked, putting my sunglasses on.

"Eight-ish, we can get Paul to drop us off before the boys for their concert," She answered.

"Wait, I can't drink," I pointed out.

"Oh, yeah, don't worry then. We're going home on Monday anyway, don't wanna be hungover," She giggled.

"I love seeing the boys but I really miss home. Like, I don't mind going to Spain or France and stuff but Australia and America are too much sometimes," I leaned back onto my sunbed.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I told Liam that. I'm gonna stay in England until Liam comes home from now," Danielle agreed.

"So am I, even though I hate being apart from Harry, I just need to be in the company of my own home."

"Hey, girls, what you talking about?" Perrie chirped, laying down on the sunbed beside me.

"Home," I laughed.

"And tomorrow's off 'cause Elz can't drink," Danielle finished.

"We can just stay in and talk and order room service while the boys are at the concert," Perrie suggested.

"Sounds good," I smiled.

"What does?" Harry sat down on the space next to my head.

"Harry, move, you're making me cold," I whined.

"That's a lie, the water's not cold at all," Even though I couldn't see him, I knew he was smirking.

"If the water isn't cold, why don't you leave me alone and get back in it?" I sarcastically asked.

"Nah, I like it here," He chuckled, wrapping his arms around me.

"Get off!" I squealed.


"Channing Tatum, George Shelley or David Beckham?" Perrie giggled.

"Channing Tatum," I answered without hesitation.

"Explain," Danielle laughed.

"I don't get the big deal about David Beckham and George is too much like Harry," I spoke.

"What do you mean too much like Harry?" Danielle frowned.

"He- it just doesn't work for me," I stuttered.

"Girls, the boys will be home soon, let's hide!" Perrie suggested.

We all laughed and nodded in agreement. Although it was a tight fit, we managed to squeeze into the wardrobe. Just as we closed the wardrobe door, I heard the key being put in the lock. Smiling to myself, I told the other girls to be quite.

"Babe, where are you?" Harry called.

I stifled a laugh and stopped myself from fidgeting. As all the boys called out our names, we sat in silence. After about ten minutes, Perrie accidentally nudged into me and I ended up falling out of the wardrobe, the other two got on my heel.

The three of us just lay in a heap, giggling and waiting for the boys to come into the room.

"What are you doing?" Liam asked.

"What does it look like we're doing?" Danielle rolled her eyes.

"Being idiots," Liam chuckled.

"Which ones of you are drunk?" Zayn raised his eyebrows.

"Perrie!" Me and Danielle shouted, pointing at her.

"That would be me," Perrie laughed.

"Let's get you to bed," Zayn cooed, lifting her off the ground, "Night, guys."

Harry helped Zayn out of the door and closed it behind them. Niall and Louis said their goodbyes and left behind the other two.

"I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I'm really tired..." I looked at Danielle.

"Come on then, Li, let's go," Danielle spoke.

Once they'd left, Harry came over to me and carried me over the bed. I pecked him on the lips quickly before changing into my pyjamas. Harry took his clothes off so he was left in just his boxers.

Climbing under the sheets, we cuddled up and fell asleep in each other's arms.


It was now Monday morning and the boys were taking us down to the airport. I was clutching Harry's hand tightly as we walked over to some shops.

"Baby, let me buy you something," He smiled.

"I'll agree on one condition," I waited for him to nod, "It can't be too expensive."

He nodded but I could tell by the cheeky look in his eyes that he would just ignore what I had said. Without protest I let him lead me to a bunch of shops, him buying me a little thing from each. As he tried to take me into a Superdry shop, I started to squirm in his arms.

"Harry, it's too much money in here," I complained.

"Just one thing, I could get you a coat," He grinned.

"Fine, but that's the last thing you're buying me," I sighed, defeated.

Harry chose out a purple and black coat and brought it in a large so that it would last for a couple of years. As he was paying, my phone vibrated in my bag.


Tommo: Where are you? x

Me: In Superdry, Harry's paying so we're almost finished x

Tommo: You've still got a couple of hours 'til the flight so we're gonna get something to eat x

Me: Okay, where shall we meet you? x

Tommo: McDonalds, see you in a bit x

Me: Yeah, we're just leaving now x


"Where next, babe?" Harry asked.

"We're meeting the others at McDonalds," I smiled.

"Come on, then."

We walked past a few shops before walking inside McDonalds to find the others. They were seated at a table near the window. Joining in the conversation, Harry pulled two chairs over.

"So, what's the plan for when we get home?" Danielle looked at me and Perrie.

"Sleep," I replied with no hesitation.

The others laughed and I soon joined them. Me and Louis went to order the meals and it seemed like he wanted to say something.

"Ella, I'm sorry for what I did a couple of days ago. I didn't realise that he did nothing wrong," he apologized.

"Lou, it's fine. Next time just ask me before you go punching my boyfriend in the face," I giggled, trying to lighten the mood.

He chuckled lightly and picked up one of the trays. I took the other one in my arms and we walked over to the table.


Once we'd eaten, it was almost time for me and the girls to get on the flight. Harry held on to me tighter, almost as if he was going to stop me from going. Instead of rushing into things, I grabbed my phone and sent a text message to my sister.

Me: We're gonna miss our flight if we don't say goodbye now x

Danielle: Okay, I'll tell Perrie x

I put my phone and twisted so that I was facing Harry.

"We have to go now," I whispered.

"I know," He looked down at his feet.

I put my forefinger finger under his chin and pulled his face up to mine. Moving closer towards him, I pressed my lips lightly to his. As he deepened the kiss, I pulled away.

"I love you," I smiled.

"I love you, too," He replied, pulling me into his arms.

I snuggled my head into the crook of his neck and stayed like that for the duration of the hug. Once I pulled away, I gave Harry one last kiss before walking to the terminal gate where the girls were waiting for me.

As I turned around for the final time through watery eyes, I saw that Harry had tears in his own. I gave him a small smile before turning around and walking through the gate with my luggage, leaving him behind.

Me and the girls climbed onto the airplane and took our seats; thankfully we were all together. I pulled on my headphones and turned my music right up. This was going to be a long three weeks!


Author's Message:

I might write another chapter for this but I might not. I'll let you guys know tonight!

Hope you liked the chapter.

- Hazzaismybaby

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