I Knew You Were Trouble

Ella Thorpe and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends since they had been born. Ella's Mum and Dad work on tours so when she was 16 she moved in with Louis' family whilst her parents and sister travelled on the road. When Louis brings the rest of One Direction home after their time on The X Factor, Ella and Harry develop a crush for one another. Louis notices this and tries to prevent it from happening as he knows Harry's womanizing ways. Will Louis support them when Harry and Ella make it official?
Credit for the cover: Alex Taylor


64. Australia! Part 1

Harry's P.O.V

Me and the boys were waiting at the terminal gate in the airport for the girls to arrive after their flight. It'd taken them about two days to get here as they didn't fly for twenty-four hours straight.

I'd just recieved a text message from Ella saying that they were reaching the gates. I looked up and saw a body hurtling towards me at such a speed, I could only faintly make out who it was.

When the body reached me, I clutched them tightly into my chest, inhaling the scent I'd missed so dearly.

"I missed you so much, Ella," I whispered into her ear.

"I missed you, too, Haz," She giggled, hugging me back, just as tightly.

She pulled away from my embrace and pressed her lips to mine.

"Get a room!" Niall shouted from behind us.

I chuckled against Ella's lips before pulling away. I grasped her hand in mine but she looked up at me in objection.

"I need to talk to Lou," She smiled gently, waking over to the other side of the group.

I saw her hug Louis briefly before I turned my attention to Niall who was standing next to me, grinning. Following his gaze, I saw Laura. As soon as she saw me, she gave me a quick wink before putting her eyes back on Niall.

"You and the boys go back to the hotel, I'll meet you there," Niall mumbled.

I nodded with slight hesitation and moved over to the others.

"Umm, Niall wants us to go home so he can speak with Laura," I told them.

Louis pulled his phone out and quickly rung Paul. He was here in about fifteen minutes and we all clambered into the big black van. We arrived at the hotel and went to our separate rooms.


"Baby, come do a twitcam with me," I whined.

"I need a shower," She told me.

"Please?" I pouted.

She shook her head and I sighed. I grabbed her waist and pulled her to sit onto my lap, facing the screen.

"I need a shower," She repeated.

"You can," I grinned, "After the twitcam."

"Harry..." She complained.

"The concert doesn't start for like five hours, you have time to shower later," I pointed out.

"Fine," She relaxed into me.

I smirked proudly and began asking the fans some questions. After spending about an hour talking to the fans, I ended the twitcam.

"Babe, can I get in the shower, now?" She impatiently asked.

I nodded and released her from my arms. She walked into the bathroom and I heard the running water.

"Haz, I'm having a bath. You wanna join me?" She shouted.

"Yeah, give me two minutes," I replied, taking my phone out.

'Hi, people of the world ! Just wanted to let you know that there's another Styles on the way. Two actually. Congrats, Gem, baby James is on the way ! I'll let you figure out the rest... ;)'

I quickly tweeted. Hearing the water being shut off, I walked into the bathroom.


Ella's P.O.V

We were all sat in Paul's van, driving to the arena where the concert's being held. I was scrolling through my twitter on my phone.

"Harry, what did you do?" I accusingly asked him.

"Nothing," He looked at me.

"So that's nothing," I rolled my eyes, passing him my phone.

"Oh, that," He looked around sheepishly, checking that nobody was looking at us.

"I thought we agreed-" I began.

"We agreed on nothing," He interrupted.

I sighed, standing up to get off the van. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down next to him.

"They deserved to know," He defended.

"Well you could've told me first," I huffed before walking away.

I caught up with Louis and he frowned at me. As he opened his mouth, I stopped him before he could speak. He nodded and we continued to walk into the building.

Me and the girls went to take our seats and we began talking.

"What are you and Harry doing tonight then?" Perrie asked.

Danielle had gone to get us drinks.

"Harry's going out," I shrugged.

"Do you want me to keep you company?" She offered.

"I think Lou's gonna come over," I smiled, "Thanks, anyway."

At that moment, Danielle came over with our drinks. We watched the concert and joined the crowd in singing along to all the words. I was glad that nobody recognized me or Danielle. Unfortunately for Perrie, the LM/1D fans noticed her.


I was laying in bed waiting for Harry to come home. When he did, he climbed under the sheets and laid with his back facing me. I knew he wasn't drunk, so how did he not see straight through my act?

I flung my legs over the opposite side to Harry and got off the bed. If he was out all night, how is still sober? Sighing, I walked into the bathroom and locked the door.

I turned on the tap and threw a handful of cold water over my face to stop the tears from falling. Once I'd wiped my face with a towel, I threw on a pair of shorts and a loose top before walking over to the door.

I slammed it behind me and began the short walk across the hall to Louis room. After knocking on the door a couple of times, a sleepy Louis answered.

"Hey, can I spend the night here?" I asked him.

"Sure, I'll take the couch," He answered, not bothering to ask what happened.

I couldn't be bothered to protest so I just walked over to the bed. The bed felt empty and smelled a lot like Louis but, at the moment, I didn't really care.

As soon as my head hit the pillow, my eyes closed and I fell asleep in an instant.


The next morning, I woke up to silence. There was note next to me with 'went to run some errands' written in Louis' handwriting.

I stood up from the bed and brushed through my hair, straightened out my clothes and walked into the living room area. Deciding to go back to Harry's hotel room, I left the house.

I heard shouting and rushed to see what it was. The security guard looked at me suspiciously.

"I'm allowed in there," I dangled my keys under his nose and he moved out of the way.

I unlocked the door and saw Louis' blood-covered fist.

"What did you do?" I shouted.


Author's Message:

There will be a part two. Sorry it's so rubbish, I was going to update yesterday but my computer lost all my work.

- Hazzaismybaby

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