Kidnapped By One Direction

After Kira is kidnapped by one direction after a concert she was dragged to by her sister Amy, she plans to escape but as she starts to fall in love with one of her kidnappers, will she manage to escape or will there be a change in the game plan?


7. Truth Or Dare

we sat in a circle.  Harry and Niall staring at me Zayn, Louis and Liam staring at them feeling the tension between them. I stared at the floor. "so..." said Liam " Niall truth or dare?"

"dare" Niall grinned

" i dare you to...  kiss Kira and i mean like a kiss kiss! " Zayn laughed. my eyes widened and i looked at Niall and he looked at me, we both turned bright pink. Niall leaned over and kissed me his tongue gaining entrance as they tangoed with eachother.  

The other boys stopped us pretty soon, Harry glaring at me and giving Niall the death look.

" Louis truth or dare ? " asked Niall

" truth " grinned Louis

"hmm... i can't ever get the hang of this game um..." moaned Niall as everyone laughed.

" what do you think of Kira?" sang Liam. why does every question involve me?

" shes strong, kind, a good friend, and totally fit" he joked winking at me. i knew he was joking about eh fit part but he got glares from Niall and Harry.

" um... " said Louis awkwardly " Harry truth or dare? " asked Louise changing the moment.

"truth" mumbled Harry

" why are you so miserable when Niall and Kira are together? " pondered Louis

" what no i choose dare! " yelled Harry

" ok i dare you to answer that question " chuckled Louis.

" what no that's not fair! " Harry screeched 

" OK! " i yelled breaking the argument. " i think we better not play anymore  " i mumbled. standing up and walking back to the room. Ugh why does everyone keep fighting over me or something about me. 

" wait! " yelled Harry " please cant we just skip the question " I groaned and sat back down in the circle.

 " Kira truth or dare " asked Liam

"dare" i giggled

" i dare you to sing a one direction song! " thrilled Liam

" ahhh no! " i screamed they all laughed and sang my name over and over again giving me a head ache.

" fine! " I yelled over the top of them. i stood up, took a deep breathe and began.


" I've tried playing it cool,

but when i'm looking at you,

i can't ever be brave,

'cause you make my heart race.


 shot me out of the sky,

your my kryptonite,

you keep making me weak,

yeah, frozen and can't breathe.


 something gotta give now,

cause i'm dying just to make you see,

that i need you here with me now,

'cos you've got that one thing.


 so get out, get out, get out of my head,

and fall into my arms instead,

i don't, i don't, don't know what it is,

But i need that one thing,

and you've got that one thing."

" i cant be bothered to sing anymore i said sitting down " i moaned as they all clapped. 

" its a miracle she sung a actual one direction song even though she hates them! " Zayn teased. I just rolled my eyes

" Harry truth or dare " I asked

" truth and not the question that Louis asked ! " Harry grumbled 

" fine, fine. Why am i here? " i questioned.

there was a long silence between everyone before i spoke again. " well? "  the boys looked at eachother. 

" we still can't tell you " Liam breathed.

i stood up and groaned " i'm tired, i'm going to bed " i scowled 

" i'll come with you! " said Harry

" no! i'm sure i can walk by myself! " i growled

i stomped back to my room and slammed the door behind me. i heard footsteps behind me and i walked over to the bed and then i heard the door lock from the outside. Ugh great now i was locked in again!



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