Kidnapped By One Direction

After Kira is kidnapped by one direction after a concert she was dragged to by her sister Amy, she plans to escape but as she starts to fall in love with one of her kidnappers, will she manage to escape or will there be a change in the game plan?


17. Ready, Set, Action!

Niall's P.O.V


i paced up and down outside of the hospital, wondering, will the plan work or will it blow up in flames right in-front of my face.

i had to take that chance or i would lose the girl i forever adored. I had to make that plan come alive, alone, tonight after it had closed to all visitors.




i hid behind as slim cabinet as most of the light got switched off i looked around peeping my head out from the corner of the piece of furniture. I tip-toed over to Kira's room and looked inside. empty apart from her. the machinery was off and she was no longer on a drip, she must be fine now then, just a little bit forgetful. I grabbed the sack from in my backpack and opened it. i walked over to her and smiled as she slept.


her eyes snapped open and her mouth turned into a O as she was about to scream. i covered her mouth with tape and stuffed her in the sack. she was actually pretty light for a 16 year old. i shuffled around the corners and quickly out of the door as it began automatically shutting. i slipped out into the darkness of the night and shoved her into my car boot. i couldn't believe i was actually doing this. she had been kidnapped once and now it had happened again. what was i doing! i couldn't do this i had to take her back, but my mind and my heart were thinking opposite and my foot stamped down on the accelerator and the car sped off towards, my flat. on the other boys wouldn't be there. 


i turned round the corner and over a round about, until i turned up to my flat. i stopped and pulled up my driveway. I got out and shut the door behind me striding over to the boot to open it. I grabbed the sack containing the girl and shut the boot after. i dragged her up to the door and threw her in as i locked the door behind us. I hauled her up the stairs and into the spare room  that i had fixed so the lock was on the outside of the room.  i had redecorated it so it was just like a girls room, pretty, flowery, pink that kind of disgusting soppy stuff, i hated it but i guess she had to feel like she was at home or i could never make her remember me at all.

  i threw her on the bed and untied the sack sending her sprawling out and off the bed onto the floor with a loud thump. he feet waving in the air her head on the floor. i walked over to her she looked at me upside-down confused before her eyes widened as she came to realize who it was. " you! " she gasped. i walked out of the room and locked the door behind me not saying a word, but listening to the loud thumping as she threw herself against the door. i was doing what Harry had already started, except this time, i was gonna make it a better version, especially since i had boarded up all of the windows int he room.

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