Kidnapped By One Direction

After Kira is kidnapped by one direction after a concert she was dragged to by her sister Amy, she plans to escape but as she starts to fall in love with one of her kidnappers, will she manage to escape or will there be a change in the game plan?


16. Niall who?

Kira's P.O.V


i saw my life flash before my eyes as i walked towards the bright light. it entranced me as if calling my name dragging me towards the clouds. i heard a voice. my mother i finally got to see her again, i can join her and replace all the memories i was meant to have with her before she died when i was five.


Nialls' P.O.V


I sat over her hospital bed softly sopping on the blankets " please don't leave me, please, i... i love you "  her heart machine started to slow down until i t made a loud long beep as i was rushed from the room and they tried to resuscitate her over and over again until the machine came to again. i walked back over to her  and kissed her forehead. 


i grabbed her hand and squeezed it. it squeezed back. i gasped. her eyes flickered open and she inhaled deeply.  looking at me. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead again.  she looked confused at it though.  " who are you ? " she inquired.

i pulled a confused expression " i'm.. i'm Niall. you loved me and i loved you remember? Harry tried to shoot me but you pushed me out of the way and took the bullet, dont you remember" 

"i'm sorry but i don't know you, iv'e never seen you in my life." she answered as i gasped and looked away with a sad emotion pasted on my face. How could i love a girl who didn't love me or even remember me? i couldn't give up though. i had to do what i never thought i would, so long as she was healthy first. I concocted made a plan in my head that i must do to prove that she knows me and the lads. Luckily Harry was getting better with the happy meds the doc had given him.


Kira's P.O.V


i woke up and saw this this boy randomly staring at me and i had no clue who he was, he said he loved me and i loved him but he could be anyone and it could just be a lie i had to be careful i mean i cant remember him. i could give him a chance couldn't i? maybe i couldn't. i didn't know i had just woken up from a sleep that seemed to go on forever. he was kinda cute though maybe i could give him a chance so long as nothing bad happened to meas apparently i took a bullet for him. i smiled maybe i could trust him after all if i did that for him.

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