Kidnapped By One Direction

After Kira is kidnapped by one direction after a concert she was dragged to by her sister Amy, she plans to escape but as she starts to fall in love with one of her kidnappers, will she manage to escape or will there be a change in the game plan?


9. Locksmith In Training

i paced up and down my room waiting and waiting till the hallway light outside my door went off. i waited and waited till about half two in the morning and then the light suddenly switched off great. now was my chance for the great escape!


i took one of the grips out of my hair and started twisting it in the lock on my door. " come on! this always works in the movies " i groaned. I sat there trying and trying and twisting the pin and trying with other things like a normal pin or a pair of scissors. I resorted back to the hair grip i tried over and over again hair grip after hair grip as they kept breaking and snapping. I took the final clip out of my hair " please work! " i pleaded  I closed my eyes as i twisted it in the lock. *click* I took the pin out and kissed it " woop woop! " I sang.


i creaked open the door holding onto the wall as i sneaked down the corridor. I tiptoed an inch at a time, it was so dark i couldn't see the slightest thing. I got half way down the corridor before i kicked something soft. i stopped confused and kicked it again this time in grunted and suddenly a light flickered on, temporarily blinding my vision. I rubbed my eyes as they adjusted i looked at the soft thing i had kicked " ah um... this is kinda awkward... Hi Niall?  whatcha doing down there out here? "I mumbled awkwardly, damn foiled again. 

" i was about to ask you the same thing " he said standing up running his fingers through his messed up hair. 

i bit my lip " i was trying to find the bathroom" i lied.

" you are such a bad liar, you know that right? " he chuckled as i nodded.

" so why are you down here as its obvious what i was doing" i grumbled

" i shared a room with Harry and i don't think he wanted to share with me tonight so i had to sleep out here as there was no spare room with Zayn, Liam and Louis. " he sighed

" you could have stayed in my room " i blurted out without thinking. He looked at me surprised

"  i thought you would have needed space " he exhaled

" no it would have been fine since its a double bed, that is if you wanted to " I said telling myself to shut up and think what i was saying.

" well i'd love to if the offer is still up? " he pondered

" sure! " i smiled shut up heart let brain take over for once!

" cool! let's go then " he said leading me back up the hallway. i guess escaping would have to wait again, how come i always mess up and now my heart had started falling for my kidnapper stupid thing, when  i want my brain to work it never does, then when i dont want it to work it does! what the hell if up with myself! 

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