Kidnapped By One Direction

After Kira is kidnapped by one direction after a concert she was dragged to by her sister Amy, she plans to escape but as she starts to fall in love with one of her kidnappers, will she manage to escape or will there be a change in the game plan?


3. Flashback Nightmare.

Kira's P.O.V


I walked over and sat on the bed and looked at him. why did they want me here? What were they going to do to me? i couldn't help but worry. Niall sighed and sat next to me. I tightened as he put his arm round my shoulder and said " i can't tell you why your here yet, you'll find out soon enough. " oh that is helpful! ( note the sarcasm ) i yawned but i couldn't sleep, all the crying had worn me out. Niall started talking about my family, and my sister at the concert that started this mess. I burst out crying at the thought of my family, they must be so worried about me!


He pulled me close and hugged me tight whispering " sh.. sh.. its ok. let it out. i won't hurt you. " His voice was annoying yet soothing. i closed my eyes and felt safe for the first time since i came here. my breathing slowed as he rubbed my back and kissed my hair. I let sleep take me away, i felt at home in the warmth of his body. 


" come on we're going to miss them! " Amy screamed at me. she ran past all the crowds and tried to squeeze her way to the front of the crowd. i trudged after her my converses being swallowed by the muddy field. Dirt and grass splattered the ankles of my skinny jeans and my Rihanna  shirt and denim jacket flapped in the breeze. i couldn't even see properly my hair blew and stuck to my face where the rain had made it all wet and frizzy. all i could hear were the major uproar from the crowd as the manager said the show was cancelled due to weather conditions. 

thank god for that i can go home and dry off, i didn't even want to come Amy dragged me here . as i turned around and walked to the road a car screeched around the corner and sped towards me. i stopped dead in my tracks and screamed, i turned to run but slipped on some mud by the road , i fell on my hands and knees as the car stopped by me. Rain pouring all around, the car door opened and two arms dragged me in, i screamed and lighting struck in the empty grey clouds that filled the dark red sky. i screamed and then i knew nothing more...


I flung forward and screamed. I looked around and was in the same moldy, smelly room Niall lay asleep beside me. I stood up from the bed and walked to the bottom post and sat down back against it, i buried my head in my hands and started to cry again. I tried to be as quiet as possible to not disturb Niall but i heard the bed creak and as i looked up he was leaning over the end looking at me. His blond hair messed up his eyes half open, half closed.  " whats wrong? " his voice slurred, i must have woken him up. 


I rubbed my face to get rid of some of the tears that flooded my eyes  " n.. nothing, im fine "

He cocked his head then shook it " your a bad liar, just like me " he smiled " tell me whats wrong, it's ok i wont tell i promise, you can tell me " His smile was reassuring His voice warm and gentle. 

I took a deep breathe and told him all about my Flashback of when i was kidnapped by them.

He came and sat beside me and pulled me into a kind hug. he whispered " its ok the dreams over now, im here " He came out of the hug but still had his hands on my arms he tried to wipe some of the tears away. I leaned in closer and kissed him and within a few seconds his tongue gained entrance and they danced with eachother. I played with his hair, and he played with mine. I pulled away, what was i doing! i was falling in love! you can't fall in love with your kidnapper! can you?


I covered my mouth with both hands " i am so sorry i didn't mean to, it.. it was just the moment and.. and.. " i stuttered.

He smiled at me took my hands and kissed passionately. I guess he wanted me to shut up. He stopped the kiss and lifted me up onto the bed like a bride  and placed me gently and prowled onto the bed like a panther and came close to me he came onto of me on the bed and kissed me neck down to my chest leaving wet spots on my body. he rolled me over so now i layed on-top of him. He kissed me passionately again and we played with each-others hair. I put my hands under his shirt and he took it off. 

My fingers danced up and down his abs and we rolled on-top of each-other exchanging turns. As we whispered sweet things into each-others ears. His sweet Irish accent making me swoon. His kisses warming up my body leaving my skins with goosebumps. I was actually going to enjoy the rest of this night.


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