Kidnapped By One Direction

After Kira is kidnapped by one direction after a concert she was dragged to by her sister Amy, she plans to escape but as she starts to fall in love with one of her kidnappers, will she manage to escape or will there be a change in the game plan?


1. Caught

Kira's P.O.V


I was alone. This was my chance to escape, i crept up to the door and slowly opened it. As i peered my head around the corner i saw them in the lounge watching television. Great! i started to edge my way out of the room into the hallway where i started to tiptoe down the hall towards the exit. My footsteps light as i started to pace faster.

As i turned around to see if i was being followed i wasn't paying attention to were i was going and i tripped down a small set of stairs into a metal dustpan and broom that were leaning up against the hallway wall. I was sent sprawling backwards and landed on my butt. "oww" i whispered. 


I heard footsteps and yelling, they were after me.  i got up and started to run down the spiraling hall of oak doors and rough carpet. I saw it! I saw the exit. I reached out and grabbed the handle, as i went to open the door a hand grabbed around my waist and lifted me off the ground. I screamed and kicked in all directions trying to kick one of them, a hand covered my mouth and my screams slowly grew weaker as i became exhausted with all the kicking and muffled screams. He turned me to face the hallway i just ran through and started to drag me back up it. i looked around me the other boys smirking and laughing.

I sent them a death glare as i was carried round the bends and curves i had just been through. All that effort was in vain as we arrived to the room i had just tried to escape from. They threw me on the bed and shook their heads at me as they closed the door behind them. I heard the door lock as i threw myself at the door trying to brake it. Only thing i managed to brake was my arm. I sighed and walked slowly to the wall and sat down by it. i curled up into a ball my arms wrapped around my legs, and i buried my head and started to cry softly. 

hows was i ever going to get out  of here if i keep screwing up?

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