Kidnapped By One Direction

After Kira is kidnapped by one direction after a concert she was dragged to by her sister Amy, she plans to escape but as she starts to fall in love with one of her kidnappers, will she manage to escape or will there be a change in the game plan?


5. Alone with Niall

Louis P.O.V


She walked through the doorway, we all looked at her, and she looked down at the floor. Niall, me, Harry, Zayn were sitting on the sofa watching t.v.

Liam handed her a plate with her breakfast on it and gave her a seat to sit on. She wasn't sure whether to eat at first but she soon shoveled in mouthful after mouthful.


I took the plate from her and put it in the sink. she stood up nervously and came over to the sofa, she looked at each of us and decided to sit next to Niall.  Me, Zayn, and Liam all laughed and started joking that they liked each others.

" Aww, does Niall like, Kira?" Teased Zayn, Niall's face went bright scarlet.

" ha ha ha, its true! hes going bright red " Laughed Liam

" And does Kira like Niall?" I joked. Kira blushed.

we all laughed about this, all except Harry who looked as if he was going to explode with rage.

All the teasing was interrupted by a phone ring. Liam got up and answered. 

" we have to go to the recording studio and learn the new song " He shouted. we all got up apart Kira who stayed sat down.

I paused " whose gonna stay with Kira, she can't be left all by herself?"  we all looked at eachother.

Niall raised his hand " i will?" 

Harry shook his head " Nah its alright i will " I looked at Zayn and Liam.

" actually you have the most lines to learn in the song why not let Niall he'll be fine, it's ok " I smiled and winked at Niall and Kira and they both turned scarlet.


" we won't be long " Said Zayn smiling we all left and i saw Harry give Niall and evil glare as he left. This is not good.


Kira's P.O.V


Ugh. now i was stuck with Niall. wait this is a good thing if i can trick him to falling asleep or something like that i can sneak out! I sat down on the sofa and Niall sat next to me. 

"so..." he said awkwardly  " what do you wanna do? "  I shrugged. what did h think we were gonna do have a tea party?

" they guys wont be back till like 8 pm " Niall sighed " so we better think of something or this is going to be the most boring break i have ever had " he winked. I shuddered. suddenly a light-bulb went off in my head!

" what... if we play blind tag?" I thrilled.  that would give me a chance to escape and leave him with no clue!

" um? ok? isn't that were i have to catch you but blindfolded?" He asked and i nodded. He gave me a side smile " ok then "

" you go first " i sang. I got an old piece of fabric and tied it round his head in-front of his eyes. I span him a couple times to make sure it would be harder trying to find me.  He wobbled as he walked around trying to find me. i ran around him making it harder for him to catch me. I tiptoed to the hallway but i stumbled, and tripped sending a glass toppling over luckily it didn't smash, i halted and froze on the spot only to here Niall fall over the sofa. I laughed and carried on tiptoeing. i was lifted off my feet like a bride and span round in circles screaming.

" found you!" Niall chuckled. I sighed relieved it was only him and not some psychopath. " you turn"

so i had a blindfold attached to my eyes and was span in circles. I waved my hands out in-front of me to stop myself from smacking into a wall or something. I turned around and around stopping dead to see if i could hear him now and again. after walking into the table five times i gave up and took my blind fold off and tried to catch him like that. it worked much better.


"Cheat!" he yelled as her ran from me, he was so much more faster then me, i ended up giving up and flopping on the sofa to catch my breathe back, the thought of the plan flew right out of my head, i was having so much fun, and time seemed to fly away. Niall eventually gave up to and saw how tired i was and joined me on the sofa, we were both breathing heavily from running round in circles. he put his arm around me and pretended to take me nose. Although i was 16 it still made me giggle and smile like i was and 10 year old. I rested my head on his shoulder and let sleep take me. i felt safe again in his arms. 

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