Just open your eyes.

My dad was once in USA when he was 16 old i think... He wrote a lot of poems and etc.. My dad stopped doing that for not long time ago. So i found this box of memories and in that box i also found some of his poems... He wrote a lot of dark poems about crime on the street and etc.. So i'm going to write his poems in here..
I hope you guys enjoy..


1. Dark peace

The night, was black as coal.
Couldn't sleep, there was anger in my soul.
No matter what i did to try.
I could only stare straight and start to cry.

My life is crab - I'm a cop.
Have to work. - L.A. crimes to stop.
For what i do - no one gives a thanks.
My thoughts are heavy as a tank.

Last night it was sad.
Five nigga's in a shoutout, four died - too bad.
Nothing i could do, was lonely there.
Put my gun in' holster- more bullets to spare.

Last nigga' ran off - fifteen years of age.
Had to go after him - lock him into a cage.
Went into an alley - he pulled a knife. 
I had to shoot him and report it to his wife.

With my head bent down - Home i went.
A report to the captain - myself to defend.
I'm a street cop, my name is Lou.
T'morrow - Got another day in hell - To do .

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