Liam, My Dad

Hi. I'm Natisha Payne. Yeah yeah yeah. Liam Payne is my dad. A lot of girls think it would be absolutely buzzing to have him as their dad! They think wrong. I don't like my dad. Well, that sounds like it could be coming from any teenage girl. But well, let me just start at the beginning. I have been beaten by him and worst by all his friends as well. But I don't mind. He helps me. I think.


4. Stay Away

I woke up on a nice Saturday morning to a note sticky taped to my face. Good old dad would always do that when he ducked out. 'Pumpkin! You have awoken! I just wanted you to know that I will be out until about 3 this afternoon and Ed will be over to look after you at about 11. Love you!!!!!'. I looked at the clock and it read that it was 10.34. Alrighty then. I can roll with this. I got out of bed and heard a knock at the door. I opened it to a bunch of good looking lads that looked about in their late 20's, they didn't look like old people though. 'Hello.' One with brown shaved hair said cheerfully. I looked like a douche just staring at them all. 'Ummm. Hi.' They all just looked at me. 'We're your dads friends. May we come in?' The one with bushy, Curley brown hair said. 'Ummm. I guess so. What are you doing here?' I asked opening the door wider so they could come inside. 'Oh, we just wanted to say hi and chat with Simon. By the way, I'm Louis.' One of them said with brown hair. 'I just kept looking at them. 'Oh, well dad won't be home for a while. Can I take a message?' I asked. The shaved head one cringed at the word dad. 'And where is your mother?' He asked. 'Umm. I don't have a mum.'i answered. 'Did she leave you? Did she die?' He asked. 'Umm. I don't know, I never really wondered or cared.' I answered. 'Well, what if you aren't really Simons daughter then. It's odd he never told you about your mum.' He said actually suggesting it. I laughed. 'Im pretty sure he's my dad' I said sarcastically. Obviously he's my dad. He would have told me other wise. All the boys kinda awkwardly looked down at the ground when I said that. 'Ok, what's your deal. Your all scaring me!' I said. At this the cute *OOOHHHH! Who said that!* blonde one looked up and me cutely and spoke. 'Nothing. It's just funny that you don't remember us. We used to be close.' 'Yeah supper close.' The one identified previously as Louis said cheekily. That's when the pretty one with the really dark hair flicked him in the back of the head. 'Ouch!' Louis said. 'Well, I'm sorry, but I have no idea who you guys are.' I said. Again the one with the shaved head cringed. The cute blonde one spoke again. 'Ok. Well I'm Niall, this is Louis, Harry, Zayn and Liam.' He said pointing to all of them. They all silently waved at me. That was it before Ed opened the door. 'Hey love! I brought...' He didn't finish before his face turned red and he saw all the men in front of me. 'What the fuck are you guys doing here?' He asked slowly and calmly while heading over to me and taking my hand tightly. 'We're just saying hi.' Harry said. 'Well you can go now.' Ed said. Liam stood up and walked towards us. 'No, I don't think we can.' He said. Ed tensed up. 'Leave before I call the cops.' Liam looked strangely at him. 'We aren't doing anything wrong. Leave us alone.' He said sternly. Ed shoved Liam. 'I said leave!' He said. Liam threw a punch at Ed and the boys got behind Liam holding him back. 'Stay away.' Ed said with his busted lip and bloody nose. 'Or what?' Liam asked him. At this he stood up and threw multiple punches at Liam. I spoke up. 'Woah woah woah!!! What the fuck! Mind telling us what is going on?' I asked looking at the boys and then at Ed. then the door as you could here noises indicating it was being opened. Dad came in with a smiling face until he saw what was happening. He looked at the guys who I just met and they went outside. 'Stay away from her' dad told them before he slammed the door in their face. He gave me a massive hug and I cleaned Ed up with the first aid kit. Who where they?

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