Liam, My Dad

Hi. I'm Natisha Payne. Yeah yeah yeah. Liam Payne is my dad. A lot of girls think it would be absolutely buzzing to have him as their dad! They think wrong. I don't like my dad. Well, that sounds like it could be coming from any teenage girl. But well, let me just start at the beginning. I have been beaten by him and worst by all his friends as well. But I don't mind. He helps me. I think.


5. Forbidden Love

Liam's PoV

what the fuck? No restraining order of any kind can keep me away from my daughter! She is mine! What the fuck has he been telling her? For some reason, she calls HIM dad. Not me? I mean... What the fuck?!?! I will get her back. She will be mine. I don't even know why I want the useless being, just to let her know how useless she is probably. So what I don't get, Simon just, killed me off! I mean, he acts like her dad. She can only have one dad and that is me. I will find her. Know matter what it takes.


nialls POV

i miss her so much. And when she said she didn't remember us, my heart broke! How can she not remember us? She probably thinks she's still a virgin too. Her whole life is a lie. If only we never raped her. Why can't she have a normal life like she deserves? I don't know. But if she doesn't remember me, that will make this even easier! I will win her heart. I walked up to her house and threw a people at her window. Nothing. I threw another and the again. Nothing. I climbed up a rope ladder I found outside her room. She must sneak out a lot to buy a rope ladder. But anyway. I climbed it and stood out on her balcony, the freezing winter air hitting me faster than a sack of potatoes. I mocked on her door out to he real can't. Man I should really not be doing this! She opened the inside curtains and smiled when she saw me. 'I thought you kit come here.' She told me ushering me inside. 'Nice room.' I told her. It was white and blue with fairy lights hanging from the roof. 'Thanks.' We both sat on her bed. 'So why are you here Niall?' She asked me. 'I can't get you off my mind. Your, different toothed girls.' She smiled at the ground. 'Why is that?' I asked her. 'I used to be so, normal. You know how at high school, you would have those people who wear like 7 layers of makeup and designer clothes and they walk around constantly afraid of what others think, and then you got those people who just don't give a fuck? Well that's me. Being normal, it's... I don't know how to explain it. Your just everybody else's puppet. You think, omg, how cool if someone went up and screamed chicken guts during an exam. If you are normal, you keep it in and look strangely at the other person. If your not normal such as myself, you friggen scream those chicken gutsy and don't give a shit about who's listening.' She explained everything to me. It's so clear now. 'So, your not actually living, your just dying in the background of someone else's life.' I asked her. She smiled cheek to cheek and nodded. Her hand was on my bed and I felt the incredible Earle to touch it. Wholly shit. I shouldn't get nervous at this. Back when I was 19, I could get any girl I wanted. She was leaning backwards on her hands, and her beautiful hair was dropping backwards. Her eyes where closed. I quickly put my hand on top of hers. She looked up at me. 'You know your not so normal yourself Niall.' Her beautiful voice filled my ears. I chuckled lightly. 'Well I gues we are different together.' I said. She again showed me one of those amazing teeth showing cheek to cheek smiles. I think I'm in love. I can't explain this incredible force pulling me towards her all the time. That's when I leaned in. She did as well. We just looked at each other. Her lushes pink puffy lips ended by her perfect tanned cheek bones and perfectly rounded chin. The way all of the features in her face match perfectly and flow evenly. Then her eyes. Oh wow. Her crystal blue eyes. Both perfectly symmetrical. She says she puts on less makeup, but that's too much. Her perfect features are just covered by imperfect cover. It makes it hard to see her birth mark on the rig side of her neck, just like Liam's. I've deep down always loved that about her.thats when she leaned in more. Our lips brushed, the sweet cherry lipgloss currently mixing on my lips and into my mouth, the place she slipped her tongue. My tongue danced with hers and we fought for dominance over and over and every time, I would give up just for her. The kiss deepened slowly though. She leaned back and I leaned forward so her beautiful head was on her blue pillow case covering her pillow. I tried to pull away, scared about not knowing if I could obtain myself, but she put her hands behind my head playing with my hair as she did so. I was leaning on my hands that where on either side of her body on her bed. I pulled away slowly, trying not to just dive into her right then and there. 'I can't, I'm sorry. Your irresistible. And every time that we do kiss, takes everything in my body to only stop it at kissing.' I informed her. She nodded slowly. 'So, where does this leave us?' She asked. 'Well I know I would love to date you,but... If only if you wa...' I didn't get to finish before she put her hands behind my head once again pulling me in for an intense kiss. 'Niall-will-you-go -out with-me? She asked saying each word as quickly as she could between kisses. I felt her magic. Should I take it further? No I shou, ok! I will. If you insist. I went down to kiss her neck and I whispered my warm breath onto her delicate skin. 'Forever'. At this she shivered. 'Niall, I want you.' She told me. I figured i wouldn't have sex with her, I would just probably play with her for a little. I was still leaning on her hands, I took my weight off of my right hand, using it to take her shirt off leaving her in her beautiful black lace bra and white short shorts. I continued kissing her neck and she moaned a few times. At this point I was almost sure my 'little buddy' was popping up for a visit. I stopped and threw myself at the wall oposite her bed. 'Stop.' I told her panting. She sat up instantly as I got off of her. 'This can't go any further.' I informed her. She had a tear in her eye which killed me inside. I went over and put her shirt on her. 'But I want it to.' She told me. 'Look, this is so wrong and you will never never realise. I'd appreciate it if we could keep going out though. I was whispering to her. 'Ok.' she told me. I left her with the sweet taste of her lips and skinny jeans not able to hide my boner. Lucky it's night time and know ones here.

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