Liam, My Dad

Hi. I'm Natisha Payne. Yeah yeah yeah. Liam Payne is my dad. A lot of girls think it would be absolutely buzzing to have him as their dad! They think wrong. I don't like my dad. Well, that sounds like it could be coming from any teenage girl. But well, let me just start at the beginning. I have been beaten by him and worst by all his friends as well. But I don't mind. He helps me. I think.


7. Flashback!!!

Nialls POV

'what?' 'Don't make such a big deal out of it Niall! It doesn't matter.' She told me. 'It is a big deal! Just-just- stop being anerexic!' I begged her. 'Niall I can't help it! I look in the mirror and I see a completely different person to what others see me as! I see a fat girl and if others can't see that, they need their eyes tested!' She backfired. 'Woah, I'm JUST trying to help!' I threw back at her. 'Dont.' She told me while looking into my eyes. She just went up to her bedroom then. I don't know what just happened. I just wish she could see the bones poking threw her skin like everyone else does. I walked up and knocked on the door of the room she was crying and sobbing in. 'Natisha?' I opened her door and walked in. 'Why did you turn anerexic in the first place?' I asked cradling her. 'I-I don't know. Dad said ever since I was little I just didn't eat. Like in a past life I just didn't trust anyone and I would say someone poisoned it or did something to it. I then just never got hungry and I guess, didn't see what my body was doing. Now it's impossible.'


i was sitting next to Liam on the couch when Natisha walked in. 'Daddy... Can I please have something to eat?' She wondered very quietly. 'No.' He said not wasting his glance on her. 'Excuse me daddy, but I'm really quite hungry. I know it isn't my food, but we do have quite a lot.' Liam glared at her. 'What?' He asked. 'Its just, I haven't eaten in a day... My belly hurts and...' 'I don't care bitch. You can't go around eating people's food all the time. Bad things will happen to you. Now get out of here before I make you get out of here!' He yelle at her. She ran away and she never did get any food. It really is our fault that she has a crap life.

*flashback over*

damn. 'Its ok to eat you know Natisha.' She paused and looked down. 'Knowone will ever hurt you.' I told her. 'They do in my dreams.' She whispered. 'What was that?' I asked. 'In my dreams. I get beaten and raped and... Horrible things. I'm so scared it'll happen in real life. There's always the same man. He always has brown Curley hair and a birthmark on his neck. Kinda like Liam's, but the hairs way different.' OMG. She has dreams about Liam and her old life? Nightmares. She never did stop living the torture. The hate. I feel so bad. I can tell its Liam in her dreams cause back then, his hair was still Curley and the birthmark. 'Im sorry, but I promise, it won't happen in real life.' Half telling the truth. 'Your safe now.' She thought I was trying to convince her, when really, it was myself who wanted to believe it.

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