Liam, My Dad

Hi. I'm Natisha Payne. Yeah yeah yeah. Liam Payne is my dad. A lot of girls think it would be absolutely buzzing to have him as their dad! They think wrong. I don't like my dad. Well, that sounds like it could be coming from any teenage girl. But well, let me just start at the beginning. I have been beaten by him and worst by all his friends as well. But I don't mind. He helps me. I think.


2. Dad?

I woke up with Uncle Niall staring at me. 'Niall, hey, just curious, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?!?' He chuckled. 'Just watched you sleeping. And THAT IS FUDGE TO YOU PRINCESS! What a dirty language you have. 'Niall, where's daddy? Where am I?' He kissed my head. 'Your at the hospital baby. Daddy's in jail for 10 years and so are the rest of your uncles. And as soon as I find you somewhere to stay, I will be going to jail too.' My heart dropped. 'What? No? Why? Why are the police taking you away for me? My whole family? What did I do?' I started to cry. 'Shh. Sshhh. It's not you baby. It was us. We raped you and we beat you.' I was looking for words to say. 'But-but-but you didn't beat me.'' That's right baby girl. I didn't. So I will get out of jail and come and protect you. I will always love you. And I'm only being taken away for 5 years because I didn't beat you.' I nodded in understanding. 'But, I can't live without you! Niall, don't leave me! Please!' Niall was shaking his head and I could tell he regretted raping me. 'Im so sorry. I found someone to take care of you ok? His name is Simon. Simon Cowell. He is a very nice man and he is the one who made daddy and us famous! Ok?' I nodded and fell asleep with uncle Niall patting my hair for the ferry last time. By the time I woke up, there was a scary man in front of me with a big smile with a visitors sticker that says Simon. 'So your Natisha?' I nodded my head and slightly hid under the blankets. Great move Natisha. Hiding under the blanket will solve everything. Cause a blanket is just like a shield... Yep. 'Hi. I was called by Niall to take you home. To take care of you?' I nodded. 'Well sweety, I'm Simon and I'm going to take you home today. Would you like me to get your brag ready? We must be leaving shortly.' I felt rude because I haven't said a word to him yet. 'Umm. Yes please. That would be great.' I answered. At smiled cheek to cheek. About half an hour later he had signed some papers and we where ready to go. When we stood outside, he was holding my overnight bag that Niall packed for me <3 and holding my hand with the other and comforting me since there was so many big guys with cameras everywhere. We made it to the car and Simon talked to me seriously. 'Now look Natisha, I want you to be safe all the time ok?! So I want you to have this.' He handed me a white iPhone 5 'and text or call me whenever you want ok?' I nodded. 'Yes sir.' I answered. I smiled obviously amused. 'You don't have to call me sir.' I thought about it. 'How about dad?' That won another cheek to cheek Simon Cowell smile. 'Dad sounds great.' 

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