Liam, My Dad

Hi. I'm Natisha Payne. Yeah yeah yeah. Liam Payne is my dad. A lot of girls think it would be absolutely buzzing to have him as their dad! They think wrong. I don't like my dad. Well, that sounds like it could be coming from any teenage girl. But well, let me just start at the beginning. I have been beaten by him and worst by all his friends as well. But I don't mind. He helps me. I think.


3. As The Years Go By... unwanted

It has been one year today since I started to live here. I have totally forgotten just about everything about my past. The only thing I remember is I used to get beaten I think. That's what my nightmares tell me. Sometimes I wake up screaming and dad comes in and rubs my back until I go to sleep. Maybe someone back in my old life did it too and that's why it helps me so much? I don't know. But I am officially 6 now!!! For my birthday I got a MacBook, a tv for my bedroom, a cool new case for my phone and a dinner with dad at Nando's. I'm really grateful because if he didn't find me I would still have my old life. And now, I have everything.


*2 years later*

I am now 8 years old and still have the best life ever! I'm The night mares are over and I think I'm finally over the horrible things that I had to have done to me when I was a little girl. I'm a big girl now and I got a make up set from daddy. I love the water and I swim every single day! I wear nail polish and a lot of other big girl stuff too! Dad isn't too busy any more. He manages people like Ed Sheeran and Adele because they wanted to be as big as some band he used to manage... Wrong Direction or something like that. Ed is like my big brother. He's around 21 I think and always comes and has big girl tea parties with me. He babysits me when dad isn't home. Even though I don't need a baby sitter!


*1 year later*

Being 9 is the best thing that ever happened to me! I now have my first boyfriend and I'm the popular girl in my grade everyone wans cause Ed and Adele went really big again and everyone knows me. Is amazing! I'm so popular! I love being popular because you have so many friends! It's really great great great! I'm really pretty and my light brown hair has now turned blonde with brown streaks over time. For my nineth birthday, I got the new iPhone 7S! AAAHHHH!!!!


*4 years later*

ummm. Things aren't as excellent I guess. I have actually  started being bullied a bit for being the Simon Cowell's daughter. I'm one of those girls who are quite shy now and I guess let people trample on me? I don't know. But I don't like it. Being 14 isn't that great. It means just because your rich, know one likes you.


**4 years later*

i hate my life. It's gone down hill pretty fast. I had to delete my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and EVERYTHING along those lines because I got cyber bullied too much. I'm only 17, but I do have a tattoo. It's a blue bird on my wrist. That's on my left wrist and I hide it under my Ice watch. On my left hand, cuts. Yes I am a cutter. I found out on my 17th birthday that Simon isn't my real dad. I don't know anything else, just that my real parents didn't want me for some reason. I recently had a really serious boyfriend Tyler. He was an absolutely amazing boyfriend. He held my hand at school, he hugged my, he took me on dates weekly at the ice-cream shop on the corner. Until I found out that he was having sex with two people while he was dating me. Hmmm. Not such a great boyfriend now is he. Well I don't want anyone to get me wrong, I am a virgin. I have never had sex, so the two people he fucked, where different. That's right. He was dating not one, not two, but three people at the same time in which 2 he was fucking people. Lovely boy this one. You see, cutting, it makes it better. It takes the pain. I have attempted to kill myself twice. But I think I'm over that stage now. I think.

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