Hidden in the lies.

Loren wants one thing. To find the truth about her life. She has lived 16 years of her life based on lies. When her mom tells her about her real life she seeks it. Loren wants to meet the truth even if it could destroy everything she knows and loves. What if Loren could of had the life she wished for?

Can Loren ever find the truth?


1. introduction

My names Loren and I'm 18. I have auburn hair and brown eyes. I'm the total opposite to my parents. The total opposite. They both have perfect blonde hair and blue eyes. It always left me wondering what went wrong. All through juniors people would pick on me asking why I was so different to my parents when they were so similar. I envied them. They all looked like younger versions of their parent. When I was little and we walked down the street people would ask where their child was and why they were babysitting me when they had their own kid. I never understood at the time. High school started and I thought it would change. It never they still picked on me but many people were pointing out how similar I was too an actress. I found this amazing it was my one dream to act. I thought my life was bad but I never seen this coming. Turning 17 was supposed to be good. It was supposed to make you realise you were a kid for one more year than you were a responsible legal adult. You were supposed to party and go to college. I never got to, because on my 17th birthday my life was destroyed and everything I knew went into flames. I guess I should start at the beginning well when I was 16 and the weeks running up until my 17th birthday then now. Your my audience and this is my story.


this story is not based on real life but I will try and make it as realistic as possible this is my 3rd movellas and that's me on the cover im acting as loren and using me to help the characters boost. LOVE YA SIMPSONERS (THATS WHAT I CALL YOU)

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