Hidden in the lies.

Loren wants one thing. To find the truth about her life. She has lived 16 years of her life based on lies. When her mom tells her about her real life she seeks it. Loren wants to meet the truth even if it could destroy everything she knows and loves. What if Loren could of had the life she wished for?

Can Loren ever find the truth?


2. High School

"YOUR ADOPTED", "NO ONE LOVES YOU", "GO AWAY WE DON'T WANT YOU" I heard it all the time. It was always yelled my way. Wiping tears from my eyes I silently told myself to be strong because none of them deserved my tears. Standing strong I pushed my head up and carried on walking. Luckily it was the end of the day so I would be home soon. Don't cry Loren don't cry. Aged 16 and I still felt the need to cry over it. Whoever said the saying 'sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me" obviously wasn't in my situation. Walking through my front door I smiled a fake smile at my perfect parents. I didn't blame people for thinking I was adopted. They were the opposites of me and I never called them mom and dad. Always Bill and Jane. Heading to my room I slammed the door shut, face planting the bed with tears streaming down my face. I don't know how long I stayed like that but quick enough Jane shouted for supper. "So Loren how was school" I just mumbled an answer hoping that they wouldn't dig too deep. I finished my dinner quickly and headed out. After finishing my run I headed straight to bed.


Waking up in the morning I chucked on some random clothes that were strewn across my bedroom floor and quickly brushed my hair. After cleaning my face and teeth I grabbed my bag and left. I had no reason to make myself look pretty. I didn't need to impress anyone and no one needed to impress me. I didn't eat breakfast. When I arrived Courtney pounced. "So is your fake mommy and daddy not dropping you off today?" "No Courtney there not" I gave up arguing that they were my real parents and just went with it.


I sat in the canteen by myself as I always did when suddenly the bench sank with extra weights. I looked up to see Jason, Kyle, Frank and Pete some of the best footballers yet. There known for them being cliché jocks and they practically only date cheerleaders. So why were they sitting with me. Kyle slung his arm round my shoulder. "Hey so since your 'PARENTS' aren't home I was wondering how bout we come over to your bit tonight. Hold a party ya know" They all laughed. He was hinting at the fact that Bill and Jane were apparently not really my parents so therefore my 'real' parents weren't in. That was getting really old.

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